Easy Turron recipe (nougat type)

It is very simple to make but it is a little time intensive, so do plan ahead.

  • 200g honey
  • 200g white sugar
  • 1 large egg white, room temperature
  • pinch salt
  • 500g toasted nuts
  • 500g dried fruit

Kit / extras

  • grease-proof paper – although you can also use edible rice paper or sugar paper if you prefer
  • An electric whisk or food mixer – it will save a lot of time


  • Line a baking dish with grease-proof paper and grease it – as lightly as you can. Set aside.
  • Mix the honey, sugar and two tablespoons of water in a small saucepan and place over a medium heat.
  • Stir constantly until it all dissolves.
  • Pop your thermometer in.
  • Increase the heat and bring it up to (280F)
  • While it’s coming to the right temperature, beat the egg white and salt. If you have an electric mixer, this will save your muscles a load of aching.
  • Beat until the egg whites form soft peaks
  • By now, your syrup should have come up to temperature, so add it to the egg whites with the whisk still running. Pour it slowly and steadily.
  • Keep mixing until the mixture is thick. This could take a while so be ready. It took me a little under 15minutes.
  • Turn the whisk off and stir in the nuts and fruit or whatever you’re popping in.
  • Spoon it into your prepared baking dish and use a spatula or knife to smooth the top over.
  • Top with another layer of grease-proof paper and pop it into the fridge to set for a minimum of two hours – overnight is even better.
  • Once completely set, cut into strips or cubes and consume within a week (you won’t have any problems with that – trust me!)


  • Try with pistachio and cranberry
  • Or walnuts.
  • Or candied fruits.
  • Or a couple of bags of “Jelly Tots”.
  • Or cherries.
  • Or anything you fancy!
  • Sprinkle with icing sugar before cutting, if you like… or perhaps dunk the cut pieces into melted chocolate.
  • Make a grown-up version by adding a shot of your favourite tipple into the syrup before you whop the heat up.