Ensaladilla Rusa

You’ll be hard pushed to find a tapas bar in Spain that doesn’t serve this dish. Yes I know it originated in Russia… but the Spanish have adopted it and made it their own. Enjoy!

Ingredients – basic

Half a dozen medium sized potatoes, peeled, diced and boiled until tender
A couple of roasted red peppers- diced – these are optional, but the ones in jars are great for this
Small tin of tuna, drained
A dollop or two of mayonnaise – according to taste
2 or 3 hard boiled eggs – grated, lightly mashed or crumbled
Mix everthing except the eggs
Sprinkle the egg on top
Serve cold

There’s not a lot to really add to this… but follow your instincts. If there’s something you don’t like omit it… well apart from the potatoes of course. But feel free to add a couple of extra flavours if you want to. I quite like the following – feel free to mix and match
a small amount of really finely diced red onion for some crunch and tang
a couple of fistfuls of olives – sliced as a garnish
a fistful of finely diced apple
Fistful of peas, cooked and cooled
Sliced cornichons (gherkins / pickles) – sliced
cherry tomatoes – halfed or quartered. But add those as a garnish rather than in the mix

You can press the salad into a mold, and refrigerate. or just serve it in a large bowl for people to help themselves… but it’s nice to do for a party if you’d rather be mingling than serving

If serving as a centre dish for last minute visitors… pop it in a bowl and supply some of those mini breadsticks for dipping

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