Bob Floyd A Pink Floyd Live Experience in Glasgow

 G1 4PP, Glasgow, Audio 14 G1 4PP, Glasgow, Audio 14 - Map Directions
11 September 2020
07:00 PM GMT +01:00
22 GBP
Live Performance

BOB Floyd faithfully interprets and relives the musical and record work of Pink Floyd with an impeccable staging, looking for the purest sound of the British band, considered a cultural icon of the twentieth century.

During the show they manage to transport the public to the other side with the most genuine live, recreating the immortal classics of Pink Floyd as Wish You Were Here ”,“ Shine on You Crazy Diamond ”,“ The Wall ”,“ Comfortably Numb ”,“ Money "Or" Coming Back to Life ", with those who manage to surprise and thrill the most faithful followers of Pink Floyd, with the best symphonic and psychedelic rock of the underground panorama of the 70s and 80s. '

The audience and music critic of different media outlets have highlighted BOB Floyd as one of the best musical proposals of the moment.

THE ENDLESS BELLS is a firm, secure and powerful bet that will not leave anyone indifferent, making each night unique and unforgettable.

An extraordinary opportunity to relive for 3 hours the sensation of seeing and hearing one of the most influential Rock bands in history, with the best live Rock in the purest Pink Floyd style, with an audiovisual show that will surprise you.

An experience that no lover of good Rock should miss.

2020-09-11 2020-09-11 Bob Floyd A Pink Floyd Live Experience in Glasgow
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