New NIE Procedure

Expats and Tourists Outraged By New NIE Procedure

Now that Brexit is upon us, expats have been left baffled by the New NIE Procedure for obtaining a Spanish NIE number.

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The Spanish NIE number, short for Número de Identificación de Extranjero, is a Foreigner Identification Number issued by the Administración General del Estado as a fiscal identification number.  Previously for foreigners who wanted to stay more than 3 months in Spain, the requirements have now been modified and the application procedure revamped.

New NIE Procedure Rules

The new rules will come into place on the day of Brexit, and will affect all Brits who wish to spend any time in Spain.  Currently an NIE number is required to open a bank account or make a mortgage application.  After Brexit, an NIE number will be required to do almost anything in Spain.  Brits will be expected to present an NIE number when buying teabags or having a haircut.

Act Now

Legal experts are advising all Brits who are planning to spend time in Spain after Brexit to get their NIE number in place now.  Antonio Complicado is from the Nie Union Municipal Principal Torremolinos Yearly.  He says “After Brexit, you won’t be able to cross the road without an an NIE number.  We’re advising everyone to get it sorted right now”.

New Guide To Getting Your NIE

The Costa Del Sol County Council has published a guide to getting an NIE number, which they say will simplify the process.  For Spanish speakers, download the EX15 form, make an appointment at your local police station, present your ID and reason for needing the NIE number along with a €12 fee.

For non-Spanish speakers the new procedure is slightly more complicated.  Ignatio Idioma from the Department Of Complicating Simple Procedures For Foreigners says “If you don’t speak Spanish, you will still find the application procedure fun and challenging”.

Here are the steps for non-Spanish speaking people to apply for an NIE number:


  • Download and complete the NIE application form for British Non Spanish Speakers
  • Visit your local police station in person and make an appointment to make an appointment
  • Return to your local police station for your first appointment, and make your next appointment
  • Attend a hearing at your second appointment and present your passport, birth certificate, €12 fee, employment contract, driving license, and documentation to demonstrate regular dental hygiene checks
  • At your next appointment you will be able to pay the €84 fourth appointment fee
  • At your final appointment which could be in the Town Hall, Police Station, Bus Station, or Burger King (be careful to attend the correct venue or you will have to begin the whole procedure again), you will be asked to draw a portrait of your grand parents in charcoal, perform three successful hand stands, and tie your shoe laces using only one hand.
  • Upon completion of these simple procedures, your NIE number will be issued.  For a small fee you will be told what it is.

NIE Number For Tourists

For British tourists wishing to spend time in Spain there will be a special NIE application desk at every airport where a fast track application can be processed.  However, Ron Weasel from the Andalucian Regional Satisfaction Executive says this will be bad for Spain.  “Tourists can’t be bothered with this, why would they?  They’ll just go somewhere where they don’t need VISAs or NIE numbers, like Southend”.

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