Fake news in British tabloids about gangs that drug tourists to rob them in Benidorm

British businessmen in the town of Alicante and the consistory deny the alarmist tone published recently in the British tabloids.

Recently, several of British tabloids - at least, The Mirror and The Sun -, published the supposed existence of gangs  dedicated to drugging tourists in Benidorm, by spiking their drinks  and then accompany them to the rooms of their hotels and rob them your money and your belongings.

Some information provided by - elmundo.es, written in Spanish and translated to English so some detail may be slightly lost.  Read the original story HERE

Sources at the town hall in Benidorm discarded this news on Sunday, and sources at ElMundo.es asked to have evidence and facts as to where these events had taken place. Film crews from Spanish national television were in Benidorm yesterday covering the fake news stories.    The news already had been described of "alarmismo" by the Benidorm's British Businesses Association (of which Benidorm Seriously are a member) and by ourselves 6 days ago on the Benidorm Seriously.  Facebook group, NO posts on the subject were permitted onto the group to try and stop the spread of this FAKE news spreading even further.

The BBBA quoted "FAKE NEWS regarding article published in a certain UK tabloid over the last few days that “ gangs are spiking tourists’ drinks and breaking into rooms to steal stuff”. As in the UK, there will be unstable individuals that spike peoples drinks but this is most certainly NOT the norm here.

Many that come to the resort do so to enjoy themselves and have fun - and drinking forms a major part of that. Alcohol is much cheaper here than the UK and many get carried away until they are totally intoxicated then fall prey to pickpockets and other dubious individuals. Please stick together and do not leave your friends alone therefore more likely to become an easy target. IF you are the unfortunate victim of any kind of crime whilst here please ensure you report it at the SATE office, located opposite the Flash hotel - there is an interpreter there to assist. Most importantly, have fun but as in any busy resort, keep your wits about you."

This news is not the first fake alarmist news spread by the British media. earlier this month, several British tabloids claimed that the Spanish police had increased the number of troops to tourist sites to 40,000, after the terrorist threat had reached "severe" risk, again FAKE news and the true story can be read HERE.

Last year the British tabloids caused chaos with the headlines "great shark"  attacked a child on the beach of Levante de Benidom"  in fact it was the bite of an unidentified fish (possibly a golfer or a barracuda, sources said that it was in fact a large tuna) that caused minor injuries to the child. However, there are those who believe blindly these stories.

Police also warn of a hoax circulating on social media
The hoax says "If you see an animal locked in a car in hot weather, take a photo then smash a window to get it out, this means you will not face charges for criminal damage".
Police say this is UNTRUE.
They say call them immediately, they will decide what to do.  List of emergency numbers HERE

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