San Juan Fiesta

Fiestas - SAN JUAN FIESTA  (Hogueras de San Juan)

The San Juan Fiesta is held every year to celebrate the shortest night and the longest day of the year and marks the beginning of summer.

This is an old Pagan ritual based on fire and water. It originated in the neighbouring city of Alicante and dates back to when Alicantinos farmers celebrated the longest day of the year on which the harvest was gathered, and the shortest night where all evil is destroyed.  This is the meaning of the fiesta, with the destruction of bad feelings and bad experiences, and welcoming new desires.  

The fiesta actually starts with the building of the bonfires etc from 21st June (Summer Solstice) but the main fiesta where everyone will be on the beach starts at around 20.30 on 23rd June and runs into the early hours of 24th.

Unfortunately this is not held in Benidorm itself due to the strict laws prohibiting beach fires, due to the risk of burns to people who come to the beach next day, from glowing embers under the sand, but there will be plenty of people on the beaches running into the sea to bring in San Juan and the beaches are officially open until 02.00.

Beaches in Benidorm

Local Police will be watching the beaches; there will also be ambulances, a surveillance or rescue vessel and rescue coordinator, a beach chief, three nurses and three technical drivers and lifeguards, to make sure the night goes without any incidents. 

Public toilets will be open until 03:00.

*Remember that it is not allowed to make bonfires or access the beaches with glass containers.

Levante beach from previous years.

The main event is only a short distance away in La Cala de Finestrat.

La Cala 2022

La Cala de Finestrat San Juan Fiesta 2022

Albir - This year, the Racó de l'Albir beach will be open with no capacity limitations for the San Juan celebration, but as in Benidorm NO general bonfires are permitted, nor glass of any description, there will however be an enclosed area with an official bonfire, which will be controlled by the security at all times.

There will be a bar available serving food and drinks and music with guest DJ´s

What happens....

The Fire Element

Huge bonfires and papier mache figures are built on the beaches, and tradition has it that if you jump over them 3 times your spirit will be cleansed and purified.

At midnight the bonfires are lit and people will be seen jumping over the ashes to "Cleanse the Spirit"

The Water Element

According to Pagan tradition the water element is seen to recuperate and rejuvenate again bringing good luck for the coming year.

As midnight approaches everyone moves closer to the shore line where some will just paddle others will go for a swim again this is to bring luck for the new season and wash away evil spirits.

This is a great evening and one not to be missed if you are here.  The beaches will be very very busy as its a popular fiesta.

Pack swimwear and do what all the locals do and take a picnic, get there nice and early as there will be 1000´s there. There will be temporary bars along the beach and music into the early hours and of course fireworks, no fiesta is complete without fireworks.

Information on 2022 Fiestas in Benidorm

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