Four arrested for defrauding 53,000 euros from customers in a Benidorm Strip Club

What happens in Benidorm happens here

Four arrested for defrauding 53,000 euros from customers in a Benidorm Strip Club

Four arrested for defrauding 53,000 euros from customers in a Benidorm Strip Club

Source – www.diarioinformacion.com.  Story translated from Spanish so some information may be lost in translation

The National Police have arrested four people accused of defrauding more than 53,000 euros from customers, over twenty customers are thought to have been defrauded by the strip club in Benidorm.  The police accuse them of modifying the amounts when the victims paid by credit card by adding zeros to their bills used to pay for drinks and services. Those arrested are the person in charge of the premises and three employees. Police have identified nine other people who are still to be located, including the alleged ringleaders, who could be in Poland.

British customers are believed to be among those swindled out of cash based on the location of sex club and the fact pound notes were seized during a search. The police confiscated  3,300 euros in cash and 90 pounds sterling.

The strip club opened last April in Calle Gerona (the club has not at present been named) and its managers presumably controlled it from Poland, its country of origin. In the first weeks the first report was received at the Benidorm Police Station and since then there has been a trickle of cases of customers who have had additional fraudulent charges added onto their credit cards.

The “modus operandi” was similar, according to the story exposed by those affected in their complaints. Normally the victim hired a service for a certain price. The place offered sensual dances and company of girls with certain rates that varied depending on the time of the show and the drinks. The money had to be paid by credit card and when the waitress entered the data then added a 0 to the figure, so in the end the customer paid ten times more than agreed.  So that they were not usually discovered the copy of the payment remained on the premises so the client did not realize at that time the amount that had been charged to his account.

The dancers and local waitresses charged commissions based on the invoiced amount and many have only been working there for around three months which makes it difficult to identify them as the clients discovered the deception.

According to the Police, the waitress in charge of making the payments showed the clients the correct number on the screen of the credit card machine and then they gave them the card to make the payment. However, in the later moments they changed the amount taking advantage of the drunken state of the client or distracting him with a dancer who stood between the waitress and the scam..

The fraud was carried out with other methods. Thus, the waitresses performed random charges and after starting with low amounts costs over the night steadily increased.

In just eight months they cheated more than 53,000 euros and tried to make charges for 24,870 euros, although the operations were not authorized.

For the time being, the police have received complaints from 20 victims, but the investigators believe that there are more injured, probably foreigners who are no longer in Benidorm.

Police have reported that the owners of the business, presumably in Poland, are at the head of the organization . From there they controlled the activity of the premises through video surveillance cameras and received all the money from the card payments in a Polish bank account.

In lower management was the sole administrator, who was in charge and responsible for the premises. This man, a 34-year-old Polish citizen, trained his employees and gave them instructions on how they should act with clients. also involved in the group were three young Polish women aged 22, 23 and 27 who worked in the establishment.

The search and arrests was carried out on 21st November by the Brigade of Judicial Police of Benidorm, which had the support of the Private Security Unit of the Provincial Police Station, the Autonomous Police and the Citizen Security Brigade of Benidorm. 20 scam crimes have been clarified so far.





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