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Four arrested for thefts in Benidorm

Four arrested for thefts in Benidorm

Four arrested for thefts in Benidorm

One of the thieves managed to take an expensive watch from an elderly person here in Benidorm, and was arrested a few days later in Tenerife, National Police have arrested three further people in Benidorm.

In two of the cases the victims became aware of the thefts and succeeded in restraining one of the alleged thieves.

Article translated from Spanish so some information may be lost in Translation, original article can be read here in www.diarioinformacion.com

Three of these events happened over the weekend when police were called on 091 and began patrolling the tourist areas where several people of Belgian origin had restrained a young woman who had stolen several of their wallets.  They had restrained the woman who was trying to flee and informed the police that the girl, along with another man who was transvestite and had fled the place, had stolen their wallets containing more than 500 euros.  They were able to give the police quite specific descriptions.

Once facts were verified, the police arrested the woman for the alleged crime of theft. Later as they took the tourists back to their hotel in order that they could take their documentation and file an official complaint. Another of the perpetrators was spotted  so the officers stopped the vehicle and proceeded to arrest a second person for an alleged crime of theft.

The two detainees, aged 31 and 32 respectively, were placed at the disposal of the Court in  for the crime of robbery.

Another arrested by the same “modus operandi”

A day later, the National Police of Benidorm arrested a woman of Romanian nationality aged 36,  for the alleged theft of more than 400 pounds from a British tourist.

The detainee, along with another accomplice who managed to flee the place, approached the victim and began to kiss and hug him while she touched several parts of his body. Taking advantage of the distraction, one of them managed to steal the money he carried in his shirt pocket,  they then fled the scene.

Several people who observed what was happening called the police and managed to restrain one of the alleged thieves until the National Police arrived who proceeded to arrest her.

The detainee was placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction of Guardia de Benidorm, which ordered her released with charges.

6,000 euros stolen by the method called “affectionate”

At approximately 11:30 hours on the day of the events and when the victim of 74 years walked up to a bank, he was approached a young woman offering to have sex, grabbing him and hugging him until a strong pull snatched the watch that he was wearing, the victim fell to the ground and so had to be assisted at the Health Centre. The stolen watch was a top design and valued at 6,000€.

The agents, after conducting the appropriate investigations, identified the thief who already has numerous police records. After several days of unsuccessful searching, an arrest warrant was issued.

On the morning of Monday, March 11, agents of the National Police of the Commissariat of Puerto de la Cruz-Realejos (Tenerife), located and proceeded to arrest this person

How they work

The modus operandi of this type of theft is that the thieves, usually young educated girls so not to raise any kind of suspicion, accost their victims, they usually pick on people of advanced age, or those with disabilities or obvious tourists or people who are drunk, they will use any excuses to hug and kiss you using this as a distraction so they can rob you of anything they can –  cash, wallets, phones, rings, necklaces cards, watches etc this method is known as “theft of love”  “amoroso”

If the victim becomes aware of the theft, these people will not hesitate to use violence to achieve their goal.

In many cases, most victims do not even realise anything untoward is happening until after the event.

More details on some of the more recognisable local pick pockets can be found HERE



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