Government considers crackdown on airport drinking

What happens in Benidorm happens here

Government considers crackdown on airport drinking

The government is considering changing the rules at terminals, which could potentially mean an end to early morning drinking.

Drinking at airports could be restricted in an attempt to cut incidents of disorder fueled by booze.

The government has launched a consultation on changing the rules around the sale of alcohol at airports in England and Wales.

In its call for evidence, the Home Office reveals it wants to know what the effect would be of making the 2003 Licensing Act apply to airports.

This would bring them into line with other premises selling alcohol.

In practice, this could potentially mean an end to early morning airport drinking and hours more in line with pubs and restaurants.

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According to the Civil Aviation Authority, there were 422 incidences of disruptive passengers at UK airports in 2017.

Airlines say alcohol is “by far the single largest factor” in such incidents.

The government says it wants to assess:

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In September, the airline industry warned that drunk passengers could expect to face fines of up to £80,000 if a plane has to be diverted because of disruptive behaviour. Passengers found drunk on a flight could be fined up to £5,000 and jailed for up to two years for breaching air navigation orders.

The same month, a Ryanair flight to Ibiza was forced to return to Manchester airport 36 minutes into the journey because of a “disruptive passenger”. Police later arrested a woman on suspicion of being drunk on-board an aircraft.

In August last year, an investigation by BBC One’s Panorama revealed there had been a more than 70% increase in arrests relating to drunken behaviour on flights or at UK airports, rising from 225 in the year running up to February 2016 to 387 in the subsequent 12 months. read more of this article in the GUARDIAN

Have you been affected by alcohol related behaviour on a flight? if so comment below.


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I really don’t see the difference if they stop people in the morning people can still drink to much on a later flight and cause disruption infact more so

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