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Here Comes Summer, with the first heat wave of the season

Here Comes Summer, with the first heat wave of the season

Here Comes Summer, with the first heat wave of the season

According to AEMET (State Meteorological Agency, Agencia Estatal de Meteorología) Spain is due to have its first heatwave of the summer, temperatures are set to rise as from Wednesday.

The heatwave is being caused by a combination of hot air coming in from Africa, stable atmospheric conditions and strong summer heat which will cause temperatures to rise significantly mostly across the peninsula and in the Balearic islands.

Temperatures will exceed 35ºc across many areas of inland Spain and the Balearic Islands are also expected to see highs above 35ºc, particularly in inland areas on the island of Mallorca.  Inland Spain may see temperatures above 40ºc.  Unfortunately, meteorologists have warned that accompanying high humidity will make 40ºc feel more like 47ºc.   It will be the areas of North Eastern Spain that will be the worst hit, rather than the typically hotter southern regions of Extremadura, Andalusia and Murcia.

Here in Benidorm temperatures are due to be in the 30´s (in the shade).  Keep up to date with the weather in Benidorm HERE, with our daily weather forecast.

AEMET reports that the high temperatures could last until Sunday 30th June, and even into the first week of July in some areas.

According to weather experts and weather models, this summer is expected to be hotter than usual, with the average temperature up by  1ºc in some areas of the country.

What is a Heatwave?

In meteorological terms, high temperatures are not the same as a heat wave.  Here in Spain, a heat wave has to have three conditions: extreme temperatures up to 5% higher than the maximum temperatures these need to affect 10% of weather monitoring stations in the country and these high temperatures need to last at least 3 days.

The Guardia Civil has also appealed to the public to take extra care as temperatures rise to prevent the risk of fires.

Please take care in the heat – Read our page on keeping safe in the sun, do not spoil your holiday by suffering from heatstroke and bad sunburn.

Read our page on how to keep cool during the hot Spanish summer months.


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