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Hotel worker arrested for stealing from guests rooms

Hotel worker arrested for stealing from guests rooms

Hotel worker arrested for stealing from guests rooms

Benidorm National Police have arrested a 47-year-old Spanish male accused of allegedly committing several robberies with force in the hotel (the hotel has NOT been named at this stage) where he worked as a maintenance technician.

He accessed rooms taking advantage of his job and stole personal effects out of safes. 

The operation began when investigators from the National Police Station of Benidorm received various reports of robberies committed inside different rooms of the same hotel in Benidorm. In all of them the injured denounced (reported) the disappearance of money kept in room safes. 

Due to the similarity in the modus operandi in all the reports and further investigations carried out, the police concluded that the alleged thief could be an employee of the establishment, so all efforts were focused on identifying the person responsible for these crimes. 

The police found that neither the entrance doors to the rooms nor the safes showed signs of any forced entry, so the rooms seemed to be accessed with a false key.

After checking the opening lists of doors and safes and carrying out multiple investigations, the police identified the alleged thief as being a maintenance technician of the hotel itself.  In most cases, this person alerted customers to a false breakdown in their rooms, once inside, the technician told them that they should “reset” the safe. to which the clients agreed, then taking advantage of any time when the rooms were empty, the employee accessed with his card and, with the new password that he had previously observed, opened the safes without any manipulation and removed money from them.

On other occasions, the police verified that the alleged thief accessed the rooms with a work colleagues card after deceiving her by pretending that his did not work, thus trying to avoid being identified. 

On October 16th, the police proceeded to arrest the alleged perpetrator,  clarifying three robberies through the above M.O. Research continues to take steps to identify and locate other potential victims. 

The detainee, who has 18 police records for events of similar characteristics, was placed yesterday at the disposal of the Court of Instruction number three of Benidorm.

If you feel you have been a victim of such a crime please call the National Police 091 Reporting robberies etc. To report a crime to the police in English telephone: 902 102 112, or contact the S.A.T.E office for assistance S.A.T.E – Benidorm Office – 96 681 23 34/96 680 98 70

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Note – The article above has been translated from Spanish to English so some detail may be lost in this translation, read the original story at www.diarioinformacion.com



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Colin Docker
VIP Member
Colin Docker

Which hotel should be named so people ca be extra carefull

David Roberts
VIP Member
David Roberts

always use a safe, even if it’s chargeable.
I happily leave my cards, passport, iPad and cash in there.
This will be an isolated case, but it does make you worry a bit doesn’t it?

Kath McCallum
VIP Member
Kath McCallum

I get a safe too and put the usual things in it plus my perfume and my husbands aftershave as they have a wee shot of it as they clean the room also if you smoke cigarettes and open a 200 pa cket from the tobacco shop put the rest of the packets in the safe as they help themselves to a packet