Hoteliers demand a strict application of the law to fight against drunken tourism

Entrepreneurs say they are putting more and more access filters to their establishments for these types of travelers that give problems.

Article written by Vincent at  Original article written in Spanish and translated to English so some detail may be slightly lost in the translation

Large groups of tourists who choose the Costa Blanca and Benidorm to spend a weekend as hen and stag parties and end up being problematic for other travelers. Hoteliers are beginning to not want this type of client in their businesses but, in addition, they ask the administrations to be more rigorous and strict when applying the laws to fight against this drunken tourism that reaches some cities.

This model of visitors is one of the ones that were raised yesterday (17th June) at the Gran Debate Hotelero, a day organized by Grupo Vía and held at the Meliá Villaitana Hotel in Benidorm in which the future was analyzed and what type of tourist is the one who arrives to this area. Also how the technology of the future will affect the way of serving customers.

During the debate, the businessmen said they are already taking measures to fight against this drunken tourism. Specifically by putting their own "filters or access criteria", controlling that the reservations of a group of rooms "are not associated with hen/stag parties", since, as they stated, it is a type of tourism that "gives them more problems than average". But in addition, they demanded of the administrations "more rigorous when enforcing the law and to put a stop to the excesses of the people" and demand "more support to improve the image of Benidorm".

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