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Hotels close to 90% full at the beginning of July

Hotels close to 90% full at the beginning of July

Hotels close to 90% full at the beginning of July

Benidorm hotels confirm a good start to the summer season as occupancy is close to 90%.

Benidorm hotels have confirmed the good start to the high season by reaching a hotel occupancy of 88.6% during the first half of July. This figure represents a decrease of only 0.4 points compared to the same period of the previous year, when the best occupancy data in years was recorded, as highlighted by the tourism employers Hosbec .

Information provided by diarioinformacion.com translated from Spanish to English, (some detail may be slightly lost in this translation) read the original article HERE

Despite this slight decrease in the volume of occupancy, the number of overnight stays made in hotels in Benidorm during this first half of July has grown by 1%, Or, to put it another way, there have been more than 5,000 overnight stays over the same period last year to register a total of 546,000 in this first half of July.

The Portuguese market grows by 19% with respect to 2018 , while Spanish and British are stable.  The Spanish tourist is the one that predominates in Benidorm: at 43.8% of the quota of the tourist market of the city, similar to the past year.

Nor does the second place change, which is for British tourists . Despite registering a small drop in the number of overnight stays, travelers from the United Kingdom account for 41% of all demand, which means that, in total, British tourists have generated more than 224,000 hotel overnight stays in the fortnight.

However, the leading market during this fortnight has been the Portuguese,  not because of the number of travelers, but because of the increase in overnight stays that occurred with respect to the same fortnight last year (+ 19%) and the positive trend that we have been observing during the last months. And it is that the Portuguese tourist increasingly chooses our city to spend their holidays, consolidating its position as third market, and second among foreigners, and already representing 3.5% of the occupation.

Belgium with 2.1%, the Netherlands with 1.3% and Romania with 1.3% of customers close the relevant international markets in this period.

4-star hotels , which are the ones that register a higher occupancy during this fortnight, reaching 88.9%, followed by the 3-star establishments that have registered 88.8%, those of 4 superior stars with a 88.5% occupancy and finally the 2 star hotels that have obtained 82.2% occupancy.

Star ratings for Hotels here in Spain are not to be compared to Star Ratings in other countries, find out more HERE

Forecasts for the remainder of the month

The forecast for the second half of July 2019 maintains the stability trend since it stands at 85.2%, while the forecast 12 months ago was also 85%

Rejection of the tourist tax

The loss of economic profitability is a powerful argument for the strong opposition of the sector to any type of new tax or rate that may tax hotel activity and regulated accommodation: “If there are no margins for price increases, there is no margin for the market can assume without cost a rise in costs charged to a new tax.We have to remember that the Community is at the tail of the autonomous communities that are touristically relevant and is light years away in terms of profitability of Catalonia or the Balearic Islands. Our competitiveness is going to worsen, either as a city or as a region, “added Mayor.





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