Hotels recommended for SOLO travellers

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Hotels recommended for SOLO travellers

Hotels recommended for SOLO travellers

The hotels listed below have been recommended by Benidorm Seriously Group Members as being suitable for solo travellers.

Click on the links to read the individual hotel reviews, please feel free to add your own reviews on the correct listing.

For a list of hotels with specific features please see the links at the bottom of the page.

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Map of the different areas of Benidorm

Ambassador Hotel – New Town

Calypso Hotel – Rincon de Loix

Castilla Hotel – New Town

Don Pancho Hotel – New Town

Flash Hotel – New Town

Helios Hotel – New Town

Magic Villa de Benidorm Hotel – New Town

Nadal Hotel – Rincon de Loix, Levante Beach

Nereo Hotel – Rincon de Loix

Orange Hotel – New Town

Presidente Hotel – New Town

Pueblo Hotel – New Town

Riviera Beach Hotel – New Town

RH Royal Hotel – Old Town

Rialto Hotel – Rincon de Loix

Rio Park Hotel – New Town

Riudor Hotel – New Town

Rosamar Hotel – New Town

Sandos Monaco Beach Hotel and Spa – In between New and Old Town

Sol Pelicanos Ocas Hotel – New Town

Venus Hotel – New Town


For a list of ADULT only hotels click HERE

For a list of hotels recommended for FAMILIES click HERE

For a list of hotels suitable for DISABLED click HERE

For a list of All Inclusive hotels click HERE

For a list of hotels with HEATED SWIMMING POOLS click HERE

For a list of hotels with BRITISH TV STATIONS click HERE

For a list of hotels with SPA FACILITIES click HERE

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10 Responses

  1. Kelly Evz Kelly Evz says:

    I enjoyed calypso, as lovely staff n close to all the bars 😊 (only downer there is a charge for single person which I hate as i travel alone in the summer)

  2. Pamela Abson Pamela Abson says:

    Calypso, handy for everything & u’ll get a good sleep. It’s immaculate.

  3. Josh Smith Josh Smith says:

    Castilla nice for solos ask for a room ending 06 or 07. 06 are pool side.

  4. Ann Davy Ann Davy says:

    Just want to say to anyone who is thinking of going to Benidorm on their own or who has booked to go on their own and is worried then dont be, just GO FOR IT!! I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve been to Benidorm, always with friends. Been there 3 times this year so far. Got back last night from a 3 night stay at the Helios and the first time ever going on holiday on my own. It was fantastic!! I met so many lovely people including people from this site. I will always love going to the Dorm with my mates but wouldn’t hesitate to go there for a little break on my own. Also a big thank you to this fantastic group and the Admin for all the support and tips for making a fab holiday even better.

  5. Pamela Abson Pamela Abson says:

    Orange Hotel, next door to square

  6. Helios as although you overlook, Jokers, depending on room allocated, and is not noisey! Local to all pubs.

  7. I come a few times on my own it’s so friendly .Have a wal,k sit and have a couple of drinks in one of the British bars in the old town there’s quite a few or wander up to the Levante .You will be proud of yourself prove you can do things on your own xx

  8. Pamela Abson Pamela Abson says:

    U will never be alone, I go really often. There’s always people to talk to very friendly. The servigroup Calypso is lovely & everything close by. Also Riviera hotel & they have some good artists on in lounge everynight. I go again tomorrow on my own. Love it.

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