How to Apply for a Residencia

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How to Apply for a Residencia

How to Apply for a Residencia

If you are planning on living in Spain for 3 months or more then you must apply for your residencia. Please NOTE – New rules and regulations are constantly being introduced.  Nevertheless, at the time of writing this information is correct (2018)

Obviously new rules will apply depending upon what happens with Brexit such as the amount of money needed to apply for Residencia – Non EU need a Minimum of 26,000€ in the bank, with a further 6,000€ per family member for residence certificates.  Will will try and keep everything as updated as possible.

You now need to make an appointment on line,   Use this link –  https://sede.administracionespublicas.gob.es/icpplus/index.html   Please NOTE, this link does not work correctly from mobile devices.

Make an appointment online. Top tip right click and translate these pages into English.

You have to make an appointment online first before coming in person; otherwise you will not be served. To do that, click on this link and choose “Acceder al Procedimiento” at the bottom.

  • In TRÁMITES DISPONIBLES PARA LA PROVINCIA SELECCIONADA choose Policia – certificado de residente o no residente, or the most applicable option from the drop down menu 
  • Click Aceptar
  • Click Entrar
  • Fill in your information:
    • Choose PASAPORTE and enter your passport number below
    • Nombre y apellidos = name and surname
    • País de nacionalidad = your nationality
    • In Caracteres enter what you see on the picture above
    • Click Aceptar
    • choose your date and time
    • add your email address, you will get a confirmation email sent to you with the time and date, print this off and take it with you


Fill in form 790 HERE 

Print all 4 pages and pay the necessary fee at the bank. Take your passport with you in case they ask for extra ID.

Top tip, DO NOT pay this until a couple of days before your appointment in case the price changes and you have to go through this part of the process again.

This form can now only be filled in online and printed out to take to the bank. It is no longer given out at police stations nor immigration offices and cannot be filled in by hand.

The form is very quick to complete and can be filled in by clicking here. You complete it then press the blue button at the end to get a copy you can print out and sign.

Guidance notes: As the form is in Spanish, below  is some advice in English for guidance only (as at March 2018 and subject to change).


Completed EX18 form N.I.E certificate, Passport Old residencia card if you have one If employed an employer certificate or statement of employment from your employer. If self employed you will need evidence that you are self employed by your registration on the Economic Activities List (Censo de Actividade Economicos) or proof of your registration in the Mercantile Registry (Registro Mercantil). 2 coloured passport size photos.

You will need to speak to the Social Security office (INSS) If you are not in work then you will need to provide evidence that you have sufficient health coverage, such as private health care or your S1 form from the UK (apply for your form via the Overseas Healthcare Team in the Department for Work and Pensions on 0191 218 1999)

You will also need to provide evidence that you are not going to be a burden on the Spanish State by providing you have sufficient income to support yourselves. Normally a bank statement showing your regular income or your assets to be able to support yourself should be sufficient.  The figure required seems to vary depending upon who you talk to, we have been advised of 6,000€, 7,000€ and 8,000 Euros.

Non EU need a Minimum of 26,000€ in the bank, with a further 6,000€ per family member for residence certificates

Do not forget to take 2 copies of everything with you. In the majority of cases you will only need 1, however, its always best to be on the safe side as they will not provide copying services so it will mean a return trip.

NOTE – Additional paperwork now required –  vida liboral (work history) available from the social security office

WHERE TO GO – if you appointment is in Benidorm

Police Station of Benidorm C/ Apolo XI, 36. C.P. 03500 – Benidorm. Tel. 965855308 Open to the public from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 14:00

How To Change Details On Id/nie Registro De Extranjeros

To communicate change of address, nationality or civil status, you can download this form, fill it out and take it with your passport and copies, original padron not more than three months old to Foreigners Office (Extranjeria) desk at Policia Nacional.

Once you have had your residencia for a period of 5 years you can change it to a Permanent status.

Residencia – All your questions answered


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Jackie Knapp
Jackie Knapp

Benidorm Police station last week said a monthly figure of €700 per month into a Spanish Bank account was not sufficient. They now insist on a balance no less than €7,000

Jill Shail

We were advised yesterday by a Jestoria that you now need to have 8000e in your bank account if this this applies to your application. If its a joint account then its 16000e. Seems everybody is being told something different.

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