How to – Make a Complaint, The Book of Claims

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How to – Make a Complaint, The Book of Claims

How to – Make a Complaint, The Book of Claims

el libro de reclamaciones – The book of claims as it will be referred  to here

What is the Claims Book? 

It is a useful tool for the presentation of your complaints and claims to a supplier for inconveniences arising after the purchase of a product or service.

What is a complaint?

It is a disagreement against a poor attention of the supplier, but that is not directly related to the product or service purchased.
  • For example : the hygienic services of a restaurant that are not in good condition, poor attention of the staff of a store, etc.

What is a claim?

It occurs when you are not satisfied with the product purchased or service provided. The provider has an obligation to give you an answer.
  • For example : a disagreement over the quality of a product, unrecognized consumption, misleading advertising, etc.

How do I access the Claims Book?

Requesting the provider, who has the obligation to put it at your disposal, in physical format (book with sheets) or virtual (through a computer).
If it is physical , you must have three self-copying and self-copying sheets, duly numbered. You must include the contact information of the provider and yours, a brief explanation of the complaint or claim, among other requirements.
If it is virtual , the provider must put at your disposal a virtual platform with personnel trained to enter your complaint or claim.
If the product or service is sold through a web page , the provider must provide you with a digital version for the presentation of your complaint or claim. In addition, you can request a registration code and send the claim by email for follow-up.
In all cases, the supplier must have an accessible notice for the location and use of the Book of Claims in his business or in the web portal where he sells.
What should we keep in mind after using the book?
The provider has a deadline of 30 calendar days for the care of your claim. Your attention should not be conditional on any payment. Also, keep in mind that once you have filed your complaint or claim, you must request a copy or code of it for follow-up


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