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How to – Register for a state school in Spain

How to – Register for a state school in Spain

Registering for a state school in Spain

When you arrive in Spain you may be looking to register your children into a Spanish state school. This can be a complex process but once you accept the Spanish way of doing things, you should be fine.

  1. The first place to go is the Culture House (Casa Cultura) or Education Department of the Town Hall where you collect a form in order to register the children. Take with you, your passport, the child’s passport and proof of where you are living (such as a rental contract).
  2. Take your completed form to the Town Hall, Estadistica Office. The fees 2.10 euros per child (in 2014)
  3. Return to the Town Hall the next day to collect the forms which have now been stamped.
  4. Take the forms back to the Culture House where they keep the forms and give you a list of your nearest schools.

You apply for a place at your nearest school and when you go to the school it will pay you to take a translator, while teachers can sometimes speak English, they usually choose not to!

When you go to the school, take with you:

  1. Copy of birth certificate for the child
  2. Copy of passport for the child
  3. Copy of parents passports
  4. 2 passport photographs
  5. Filled in application form
  6. Padron paperwork (from Town Hall)
  7. Medical check paper

(The school will also require a cursory Medical Check-up to be carried out by the local doctor, this is simply a height, weight check and to see if your child’s vaccinations are up to date. The Doctor will issue a paper to say your child has passed the medical check, take this paper to the school for their records.)

The school will then give you a list of the required text books and equipment that you will need to purchase for your child. The books will cost around 150 euros per child.




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Stoyanka Stamenova Stamenova
Stoyanka Stamenova Stamenova

Hi. Does anyone Know on what dates the enrolment of students for the new school year begins in Alicante, El Campello? Thank you

Leanna Blevins

Hi Stoyanka, the enrolment for September is usually between February and May. This is usually done via the local town hall or the school itself. More information here for you x https://www.benidormseriously.com/education-in-spain-state-or-private-school/?af=9

Stoyanka Stamenova Stamenova
Stoyanka Stamenova Stamenova

It is for primary school. Thanks

Leanna Blevins

I believe for both. You may be best contacting the preferred school or the town hall closest to you for the exact dates for registration x


Thank you Leanna.

Leanna Blevins

You’re welcome. x