Spanish Bank Account

Here is a simple explanation of how to understand your Spanish bank account number. Whether you are already living in Spain or are moving to Spain, it is a good idea to understand the different bank codes you may need.

Spanish bank account numbers are made up of 20 digits.

For example:  2100  2527  33  1234567890

  • 2100 is the name of the bank (ie. La Caixa)
  • 2527 is the branch code (ie. Mijas Pueblo)
  • 33 is the security code
  • 1234567890 is the 10 digit account number.

Whenever you are asked for your bank account details in Spain, you should provide the full 20 digits.

Other bank codes you will be given that are necessary for international money transfers are:

IBAN: International Bank Account Number
BIC/Codigo Swift: Bank Identifier Code / The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial telecommunications

The IBAN is made up of a maximum of 34 characters:
Eg: ES21 2100 2527 33 123456789

  • ES = the country code
  • 21 = security control code
  • Plus 20 digits of the full account number.

The BIC/Codigo Swift is made up a 8 – 11 characters:

  • CAIX = Name of bank
  • ES = Country of origin
  • MA = Location of the banks central office (town or region)
  • XXX = Location of a specific office or department of the bank

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