Illegal Gambling in Benidorm Bar

What happens in Benidorm happens here

Illegal Gambling in Benidorm Bar

 Illegal gambling in Benidorm Bar

21st October 2018 – The local police uncover this illegal activity after detecting a man who left the premises with money and papers.

An illegal gambling house located inside a pub has been dismantled by the Local Police of Benidorm, which has intervened about 1,500 euros and five TV screens. According to sources, the intervention took place on Saturday inside one of the bars located on Calle Gerona, one of the areas most frequented by British tourists.

Agents patrolled around the area of ​​Benidorm around 1 pm when they noticed that a person was leaving the premises with money and papers.

When asked by the police, the man explained the origin of the money, so he proceeded to enter the premises, in which all kinds of sports bets were being made illegally at that time.

According to local police sources – after intervention, the local police made a official complaint, which will be sent to the Ministry to determine if the closure of the establishment proceeds.  The premises was however back open yesterday (Sunday).

Source – Diarioinforamcion.com

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