Illegal Property Rentals

Illegal Property Rentals - More Inspections in the future.

March 2022 - Inspectors from the Valencian government tourist department carried out 300 operations to detect illegally rented out tourist property rentals in 2021, and also registered 5,276 new properties that came up to the required standards of safety, cleanliness and suitability, 3,608 of these were in the province of Alicante, which includes Benidorm. it is vital when booking a holiday let, to ensure that the property is properly registered with the tourist authorities, as if not....There is often no comeback if things go wrong.

2019 - Turisme Comunitat Valenciana will hire a specialized external company to increase inspections on the offer of Illegal Property Rentals in the Valencian Community.

The director general of Tourism (Herick Campos) has revealed that his department has already begun the efforts to outsource this work, which will focus its search on social networks, web pages and applications.

The company that is hired will be specialized in this type of search "with the objective of locating Illegal Property Rentals, irregular apartments and accommodation in general"

"We already do that inspection," Campos said, but "we will increase it and verify that they meet the quality standards and that they pay the taxes that correspond to them according to their income, whether they are companies or individuals."

The director general of Tourism has justified the measure because " we have the staff we have and the easiest way is outsourcing."

Campos has indicated that the number of inspections has also increased thanks to agreements with regional and local police, and awareness campaigns .

In addition, he has detailed that the number of inspectors on which there were in 2015 has been increased "because we are aware that these accommodations damage our product , our destinations and quality, and it is also unfair because they do not contribute taxes."

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Have you rented a Illegal Holiday Apartment?

Illegal Apartment rental – Did you give copies of your passport to the agent on check in and fill out a police form? If not then report them to the local police as it’s a legal requirement.

If you book any apartment or agency apartment they have to have a license number, this should be clearly visible on any form of advertising.... if not it’s illegal.

You must by law hand over your passport on arrival and this information is then submitted to the police within 24 hours. Don’t book unless you have checked the company is in the Touristico approved agents list and the apartment has a registered number so it meets a minimum standard of safety and comfort if not there are massive fines for the owner.

Details on the rules that came out in July 2018 with regards to Registering your property for Holiday Rental can be found HERE 


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