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Is Benidorm set to return as a film?

Is Benidorm set to return as a film?

The show was loved by ITV viewers for 11 years before it was cancelled in 2018, but now BENIDORM fans everywhere can rejoice because the cancelled show is coming back as a movie – and it’s filming next year, according to star Sherrie Hewson.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Sherrie Hewson said: “I know it’s quite sad that Benidorm is gone but we are gong to make a film and I assume there will be another tour. Benidorm will never die.

“We’ll make it next year. We used to go out at the beginning of March and finish at the end of July and a film will only take eight weeks so it’ll be good.

“It’s such a wonderful show and I love Joyce Temple Savage. I love everyone in it – we all keep in touch. Benidorm’s a kind of a phenomenon really because there’s never been anything like it and there won’t be ever again.”

Story by TheSun

However, the creator and writer of the award winning series, Derren Litten, has taken to Twitter to refute the alleged statement by Sherrie Hewson claiming it to be ‘fake news’.