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Jailed for 6 years for selling cocaine and assaulting a police officer in Benidorm

Jailed for 6 years for selling cocaine and assaulting a police officer in Benidorm

Jailed for 6 years for selling cocaine and assaulting a police officer in Benidorm

A 48 year old man of Italian nationality has been sentenced to six and a half years in prison for selling cocaine in a well-known pub in Benidorm and assaulting one of the police officers of the narcotics brigade who went to the establishment to investigate the crime.

The sentence, issued by the third section of the Audience of Alicante , considers it proven that the defendant, GR, of 48 years and Italian nationality, used the pub to distribute the drug.

Specifically, the judicial resolution details that the agents of the narcotics brigade initiated a monitoring device on the establishment during the month of July 2012, having recorded the influx of “many people” who did not make purchases at the premises, but they did maintain contacts with the accused.

Prior to that, the intervention of the mobile phones of the now convicted and of another person of Italian nationality, LI, who worked in the pub and who had been arrested on different occasions for drug trafficking.

After the surveillance work, the police accessed the premises on July 25, 2012 with the intention of proceeding to the arrest of GR However, at that time, the defendant threw a bottle of water in the face of one of the agents and pushed him with the intention of running away.

After their arrest, the agents searched the pub and the vehicle used by the defendant, in which they found wrappers with different amounts of cocaine. They also registered his address and that of the second defendant, where cocaine and hashish were also found.

The Prosecutor’s Office requested for the two defendants a sentence of 8 years in prison as perpetrators of a crime against public health, in addition to another two years of deprivation of liberty for GR for the crime of attack, for the assault committed on one of the agents .

Meanwhile, the defense of both requested their free acquittal after claiming the nullity of the telephone interventions performed.

The court dismissed that nullity claim by considering that the hearings were duly justified and that, in addition, they had no effect on the subsequent investigation.

Thus, the sentence condemns GR to six years for a crime against public health and six months for the attack. and a year of imprisonment on LI for another crime against public health only for the substance intervened at home, as it has not been possible to establish any connection between the sale of drugs at the pub and its home.

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Note – The article above has been translated from Spanish to English so some detail may be lost in this translation, read the original story at www.diarioinformacion.com


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