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Jailed for 7 years for raping a tourist in Benidorm

Jailed for 7 years for raping a tourist in Benidorm

Jailed for 7 years for raping a tourist in Benidorm

A  29 year old man has been sentenced by the Audiencia de Alicante to seven years in prison, another 10 years on probation and he must also pay 15,000€ in compensation to the victim for physical and psychological damages suffered.

The attack of the French tourist took place on August 17th 2018 in a well known disco in Benidorm, the defendant met the woman  while in the venue and later took the opportunity to accompany her to the bathroom where he forced her into one of the booths, he then took her by the shoulders and forced her against the wall, after blocking her exit, he then began to kiss her and touch her against her will.  He then raped her, grabbed her round the neck and covered her mouth so she could not call her friend for help.

Later, the aggressor left the bathroom and his victim told the group of friends she was with what had happened. The victim and her friends were visiting Benidorm whilst on holiday in Calpe.

There was a discussion and a fight between the friends of the victim and the companions of the now condemned. The defendant was also rebuked in the parking lot of the club, until he took his car and left the place.

When the National Police arrived at the scene both the friends of the victim and the doorman told them the facts and provided a description of the aggressor.

The defendant alleged during the trial held between July 15th and July 16th, that the sexual assault had not occurred. However, the court concludes that such a violation did happen, in view of the DNA evidence and reports provided by both the victim, her friends, the doorman of the nightclub and the police officers in attendance that night.

“The statement of the aggrieved, together with other evidence to corroborate it, has led the court to conviction on such legal qualification, as there was violence, in addition to lack of consent of the victim,” says the court decision.

The convicted person, is now in detention in relation to these events.

Guidance for victims of rape and other forms of sexual assault in our area

Note – This story has been translated from Spanish to English so some details may be lost in this translation, read the original story here at www.diarioinformacion.com




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