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Kirsty Maxwell – Updates

Kirsty Maxwell – Updates

Kirsty Maxwell Updates

Kirsty Maxwell’s young life ended tragically when she died in suspicious, unexplained circumstances whilst on holiday in Benidorm, Spain on 29th April 2017.

Any information that may be helpful can be given via this confidential number:

  • 07376 040519 (from the UK)
  • +44 737 604 0519 (international)

27th December 2019

Film about tragic Scots Kirsty Maxwell  to be shown on Spanish TV in bid to find truth 

A BBC documentary being shown on a Spanish ‘Crimewatch’-style show could be a major breakthrough into investigations.

Killed in Spain was first broadcast on BBC Scotland in 2018, and it focuses on the cases of Kirsty Maxwell and Craig Mallon. 

It follows ex-DCI David Swindle, now a private investigator, as he looked for information about the cases. 

The programme has been translated into Spanish “Asesinados en Espanaand” was due to be shown three times on Spain’s Crime and Investigation channel three times over the holiday period. 

Kirsty, who was 27 at the time, died when she fell from a a balcony in Benidorm in April 2017. 

Craig Mallon, 26, was killed by a single punch in 2012 in Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava. 

The full circumstances round their deaths have still not been clarified, and no one has been deemed responsible. 

In a statement the couple said: “For 32 long months we have been fighting for truth, answers and justice for Kirsty’s suspicious death. 

“This will be our third Christmas without Kirsty in our lives.
“As each year goes by it does not get any easier, every time our legal team request basic lines of enquiry to be done the court refuses them. 

“In conjunction with our Lawyer Lorena Soler Bernabeu we await an appeal to the higher court in Spain regarding the continual refusal to allow progression of evidential opportunities. 

“With the assistance of our crime expert/reviewer David Swindle, his team and our Spanish Lawyer Lorena we continue to push for evidential opportunities to be progressed.” www.euroweeklynews.com

12th November 2019


As everyone will have seen from recent newspaper articles and our social media posts,”investigations” into Kirsty’s suspicious unexplained death are seriously flawed.

The Judge has once again refused to instruct routine lines of enquiry requested by our Spanish lawyer Lorena Soler Bernabeu to be progressed.

Indeed The Judge has refused every single request made by Kirsty’s family and their lawyer.

The Spanish Lawyer has now appealed to a higher court which hopefully will instruct that the various lines of enquiry to be conducted in an effort to establish the truth about what happened to Kirsty.



25th September 2019 –

High court in Valencia archives the case against the five men investigated for possible implication in the tragic death of Kirsty Maxwell, who fell from the 10th floor apartment block in April 2017.
The judges ruled they could find no evidence whatsoever that the men were involved in any way in her death.

As Reported in the Spanish Press ABC,es

The Court of Instruction 4 of Benidorm has decreed the provisional dismissal of the case opened in 2017 to investigate the death of the Scottish citizen Kirsty Maxwell , in which there were five young British investigated. The woman died by rushing into the void from the tenth floor of a building in Benidorm.

According to sources of the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV), the order, which is dated on September 20 and against which there is an appeal, establishes that, “having carried out many investigation procedures have been deemed essential for determine the nature and circumstances of the events, which occurred on April 29, 2017, about 7.51 hours in the pool area of ​​the Payma apartments in Benidorm, the perpetration of the crime that has given rise to the reason for the formation of the cause.

Kirsty Maxwell, newly married and twenty-seven years old, was with friends in Benidorm celebrating a hen party . According to police investigations, after the party, the young woman went up to look for them on the tenth floor of this hotel, but entered the wrong room and met the five English tourists.

However, according to the judicial order, “from the numerous police and judicial investigation procedures carried out, it would be that there are no indications of participation of those investigated in the death of the victim.” The respondents declared that “Kristy had a strange attitude and that it was she who threw herself out the window”

According to the judicial resolution, “conclusions other than those contributed by the public force on the accidental dynamics of the events could not be reached.” This, according to the judicial resolution, “would be compatible with the results of the final autopsy report”, according to which the victim was at the time of the occurrence of the events “severely affected by alcohol intake”, which is ” compatible with a clinical picture consisting of blurred vision, lack of coordination, speech alterations, decreased motor ability, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, emotional instability and memory impairment, as well as disorientation and sputtering language.

25th September 2019


Sadly once again Kirsty’s family are reading about judicial updates relevant to the investigation based on Spanish “sources” and some sensitive court information which appears to have been “leaked”

Kirsty’s family Lawyer Lorena Soler Bernabeu has received communications from The Prosecutor but the lawyer and Kirsty’s family have never received any formalied updates about any recent decisions allegedely made by THE JUDGE.

Sensationalist and upsetting media articles based on the Spanish “sources” have been widely published in UK media online platforms and after publication journalists have been making retrospective efforts to obtain quotes from Kirsty’s family and their supporting Team even to the extent of newspaper journalists “doorstepping” Kirsty’s familty.

A family have lost their loved one in suspicious circumstances unresolved and unexplained due to the flawed Spanish investigation which was not conducted as would be expected for what they were dealing with as a potential homicide.

Destruction of Kirsty’s clothing which could have contained DNA Evidence and lots of other shortcomings all of which will be fully publicised at the appropriate time meant irretrievable errors were made.

5th September 2019 – A thank you from Kirsty’s family

KIRSTY’S FAMILY THANK EVERYONE for your amazing support and lovely comments on what would have been Kirsty’s 30th Birthday last weekend.

The interaction for the post about Kirsty’s birthday has been phenomenal.

It reached 26,904 people, there were 4,984 interactions with 698 reactions, comments and shares.

It means so much to Kirsty’s family, friends and memory of Kirsty that thousands of people are so empathetic, caring and trying to support them in whatever way they can in the continual pursuit of answers, truth, transparency and progress.

Justice Abroad Summer 2019 Kirsty Maxwell Suspicous Death Appeal Activity

30th August 2019 –  Kirsty would have been 30 this Weekend.

This weekend as Kirsty’s family have a private reflective time together thinking on memories of Kirsty and what life would have been like this weekend if only she was there with them life goes on as normal for other families.

Meanwhile in Spain, the Spanish Authorities and Police involved in the flawed investigations into Kirsty’s death go about their lifes as normal with no thoughts whatsoever or empathy for Kirsty’s family or reflection on the serious shortcomings in their investigations.

The Spanish Courts have been closed for the month of August – hopefully when they reconvene they will grant The Appeal made by the Spanish Lawyer Lorena Soler Bernabeu against the Judge’s refusal to progress important evidential opportunities.

Surely after so many negligent potentially iretrievable shortcomings common sense and victim empathy will prevail and evidential opportunities to help establish the truth about Kirsty’s death will be forthcoming.

Over the weekend please share and reshare this post to reach others.


Some of the team supporting Kirsty’s family return to Benidorm, Spain today (20th June 2019) to speak to locals, tourists and business owners to continue to appeal for information.

Posters are also being displayed and circulated around Benidorm town.

Kirsty’s family will continue to push for answers and visit Benidorm regularly to get that vital information we know is still out there which can assist get the truth about what happened to Kirsty.

Kirsty’s family will not go away and will continue to push for progress regarding aspects of the investigation which have not been pursued by the Spanish Authorities.

1st May 2019 – Appeal for witnesses



If you’re on holiday in Benidorm, Spain, please help Kirsty’s family and share this post and get people talking about this terrible tragedy and help us trace these people.

Over the last few days we have had people in Benidorm talking to tourists and locals and putting up posters so now is a good time to get people talking about the case and hopefully trace these important potential witnesses

28th April 2019 – A message of thanks from the family 

KIRSTY’S FAMILY THANK EVERYONE for your continued support by sharing our posts and appeals for information. Wrongly we assume everyone is aware of Kirsty’s tragic death however a lot of people don’t have access to social media so please spread the word in the hope of reaching those with information. Thanks

26th April 2019, Information provided by the family.

Family Appeal and Activity in Benidorm, Spain

Over the period 27th to 30th April 2019, members of the review team supporting Kirsty’s family will be in Benidorm targeting tourists who holiday there at the same time every year and speaking to locals in an effort to trace witnesses and obtain information to assist the ongoing Court led investigation.

Kirsty’s family who will be having private time together have requested privacy at this poignant reflective time.

Please feel free to use their undernoted statement, attached revised posters and information from the Kirsty Maxwell social media platforms for any media articles to help push their appeal for information.

“Two years we have been fighting for answers and justice, two years we have been fighting to get to the truth that led to the brutal death of our beautiful girl Kirsty, two years of heartbreak fighting to find and present the missing pieces of this nightmare puzzle that will help explain the circumstances and events that occurred within the 11 hours Kirsty spent in Benidorm that finally lead to her suspicious death. We know there are people out there who have yet to come forward with information that could assist us as a family getting closer to the truth. Please help us. Brian, Denise, Ryan and Adam”.

David Swindle and Spanish speaker Eva Maria Navarro who are part of The Review Team supporting Kirsty’s family will be available for media interviews 28th and 29th April 2019.

David said: “It is shocking that Kirsty’s family have had to keep pushing and pushing for answers and basic lines of enquiry to be progressed. We know there were people at Hotel Presidente and Payma Apartments with information which can assist, some of our team will be in Benidorm start of next week speaking to tourists and locals in the hope of jogging people’s memories”

9th April 2019, Information provided by the family.


Once again today (9th April 2019) there have been speculative media articles publishing potentially confidential court information about the judge led investigation into the suspcious death of Kirsty Maxwell in Benidorm, Spain.

This appears to be based on Spanish “sources” and refers to documents allegedly submitted to The Court by Spanish Lawyer Lorena Soler Bernabeu.

Once again Kirsty’s family sadly are reading in UK newspapers and social media about speculation surrounding the case and potentially confidential court information.

As indicated in previous posts when this has happened, it would be inappropriate for Kirstys family or their team to comment on speculation about what is going on with the court led investigation.

Suffice to say the investigation into Kirsty’s case remains a live court led investigation with various confidential aspects to it.

It is shocking that someone seems to be leaking potentially confidential material to freelance journalists in Spain and very sad that some sections of the UK media have been publishing potentially confidential material which could be prejudicial to the live ongoing investigation into the tragic unresolved death of a young woman.

05th March 2019 -Spanish Lawyer meets Kirsty Maxwell Family in Glasgow. 

26th February 2019 – Report from BBC News 

The family of a Scottish woman who fell from a 10th-floor balcony in Spain have spoken of their fresh hope of finding out what led to her death.

Kirsty Maxwell, 27, died shortly after entering a Benidorm apartment which was occupied by five men from Nottingham.

Spanish police believe Mrs Maxwell, from Livingston, jumped from the balcony after a night out with friends.

Her family say expert evidence shows that, in fact, she scaled the barrier then clung to it but lost her grip.

Now that evidence from biomechanics expert Mike Brown is to be viewed by a Spanish judge looking into the case.

Meanwhile, one of the UK’s most experienced forensic scientists has agreed to review the circumstances of Mrs Maxwell’s death.   Read more here

31st January 2019 – Update from Kirsty’s family

Kirsty’s family, David Swindle, Eva Navarro and the Spanish Lawyer Lorena Soler Bernabeu had a long Skype video conference last night ( 30th January 2019) during which various encouraging aspects of the ongoing investigation were discussed.

Due to the sensitivity of ongoing live court and investigatory issues it would be inappropriate to go into detail about these matters at this time.

Suffice to say it was an encouraging discussion with the Spanish Lawyer.

In tandem with ongoing court investigations, there is still a need to maintain the impetus and profile of the appeal for witnesses and information which we know is still out there.

Please keep sharing and re-sharing our appeals for information.


5th December 2018


As everyone will be aware from our social media updates over the last month, there continues to be ongoing court proceedings involving our recently appointed lawyer Lorena Soler Bernabeu.

Once again we re-iterate that at this time it would be inappropriate to publish detailed information about what is ongoing, suffice to say Kirsty’s family, their lawyer and supporting review team are encouraged by the ongoing court processes which are enabling the lawyer to push for answers and examine potential evidential opportunities.

In tandem with what’s going on in Court Kirsty’s family continue to appeal for information and hope that during this period when things are quite in Benidorm, people talk to each other and information we know is still out there is forthcoming.

16th November – Statement from Kirsty’s Family

As a result of more media selective speculation regarding significant witnesses appearing in private at Benidorm Court, Spain Kirsty’s dad Brian who is not available for media interview released this statement:

“It’s been a very difficult few weeks for our family encouraged by our knowledge that progress regarding confidential court led investigations into Kirsty’s death continues and the disappointment of having to read journalistic selective speculation about what is alleged to have been happening in private behind the closed doors of Benidorm Court.

Once again I re-iterate that at this time we as a family and our Spanish lawyer are not prepared to comment on upsetting speculation or alleged extracts of testimonies of witnesses who have appeared at court or theories which continue to feature.

Whilst there have been irretrievable shortcomings in police investigations into Kirsty’s death, we as a family continue to place our trust in the Spanish legal system and our lawyer Lorena Soler Bernabeu regarding the live investigation led by a Spanish Judge which continues into Kirsty’s death.

My daughter Kirsty lost her young life in unresolved suspicious circumstances whilst on holiday in Benidorm in April 2017 and there are people who stayed at My Pretty Payma / Apartmentos Payma and Hotel Presidente Benidorm, Spain with information who have not spoken out.

I hope that the media and our many social media followers will continue to share our posts appealing for information which can assist ongoing investigations into Kirsty’s death.

Thanks for everyone’s continued support it means so much to our family, close circle of friends and Kirsty’s legacy”

7th November – Benidorm death: Two in court over Kirsty Maxwell plunge

Article written by Andy McLauren of the STV-TV News you will also find a video on this link which may help refresh peoples memories of the event.

She died after falling from the tenth floor of the resort’s Apartmentos Payma.

Kirsty Maxwell, from Livingston, West Lothian, died after falling from the tenth floor of the resort’s Apartmentos Payma hotel on April 29, 2017.

The 27-year-old entered a room being used by five men from England before the incident, where she was described as being in a “state of terror”.

Ricky Gammon, 31, Anthony Holehouse, 34, Callum Northridge, 27, and 32-year-old Daniel Bailey appeared at the Palau de Justicia last year, when they denied any involvement in Kirsty’s death.

The lawyer for the men, Roberto Sanchez Martinez, said two of them, who weren’t in the room when Kirsty died, are due to appear in court on Thursday.

He added that they will declare they didn’t see anything in the lead up to Kirsty’s death.

The lawyer also confirmed experts have found no DNA from analysing her nails and hands.

In relation to the DNA tests, Kirsty’s dad, Brian Curry, said: “At this important juncture when we as a family are aware of confidential matters subject to investigation by the court it would be inappropriate for us and our lawyer to comment on what’s being published in newspapers and online.”

The family were desperate to find out what happened to her missing pink T-shirt and denim skirt.

It then emerged Spanish forensic officers destroyed them after her death.

Kirsty’s dad added: “Whilst it’s upsetting for us to read such speculation when we know the court and our lawyer is actively investigating various aspects regarding Kirsty’s death, we continue to maintain our dignity and respect the court processes by avoiding speaking publicly about matters which could be perceived as sensitive potential evidential and process issues.”


Kirsty Maxwell’s mum Denise and dad Brian returned to Spain to meet their recently appointed Spanish Lawyer Lorena Soler Bernabeu and discuss important issues regarding the suspicious death of their beloved Kirsty

Brian said
“ It’s so emotional and heart wrenching returning to Spain and terrible that we as a family need to keep pushing for answers and progress, sadly that is what we have to do. We spent yesterday with our lawyer Lorena and Eva Navarro from our review team and are hopeful that things we have been asking to be done will be progressed by The Court.”
“We are determined to keep pushing for progress and asking for answers until we get the truth about what happened to Kirsty”

Spanish Lawyer Lorena Soler Bernabeu said:

“What happened to Kirsty Maxwell is a tragedy and that is why, from our office we will work together with her family to do everything legally possible and ensure a complete clarification of the facts, that will lead us to know the truth about Kirsty’s death.
Yesterday was a difficult day for Brian and Denise, who in addition to having to travel to Spain, have had to spend hours talking about the case and reflecting on unpleasant events. Our legal work will be aimed at helping the parents of Kirsty and husband, Adam with our legal-procedural work being directed to obtain the answers that to date have not been achieved. ”

Photos of Brian and Denise in Spain meeting Lorena and Eva and other information will be uploaded to social media

2nd October – Kirsty Maxwell, death probe judge calls Spanish police to Court

It is not clear if the move is linked to a new development in the judicial investigation – or a bid by Spanish authorities to try to protect themselves against more criticism from Kirsty’s family.

The judge probing the death of Scots holidaymaker Kirsty Maxwell has summoned police involved in the case to court.

Ana Isabel Garcia-Galbis has agreed to quiz the officers at the request of state prosecutors.

It’s immediately clear today if the surprise move is linked to a new development in the judicial investigation – or a bid by Spanish authorities to try to protect themselves against more criticism from Kirsty’s family over their handling of the case and an appeal against any future decision to close the court probe.

Several officers, thought to include the investigator who put together the local force’s report on Kirsty’s April 29 2017 death, and the first police to reach the 10th-floor Benidorm apartment she plunged from, have been called to give evidence next week.

The October 12 hearing, which will take place in private, will be the first time the judge has formally questioned the officers in person.

The state prosecutor will also attend along with the lawyer acting for the five Brits who remain under investigation over Kirsty’s death.

Kirsty’s family will also be given the chance to ask questions through a lawyer if they have one, although they are not thought to have hired a permanent replacement for Luis Miguel Zumaquero who resigned in April.

There was no immediate official response from court officials or police today.

New footage of Kirsty returning to the Payma Apartments in Benidorm’s Little England area shortly before her death were shown as part of BBC documentary Killed Abroad which was screened in Scotland in August.

The 27-year-old hen-do reveller plunged to her death after entering a room where five British men were partying.

News courtesy of the Daily Record.


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Julie Marsh
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Julie Marsh

I really hope this family get the answers they’re so needing. It’s heartbreaking for the family

Pamela Abson
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Pamela Abson

Feel really sorry for all the family, hope they do get the truth, then they can try & move on.x

Tracy Brown
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Tracy Brown

So sad! Someone must know something!


So hard for the family bless them someone definitely knows something hope they get some answers soon 🙏🏻X

Sharon Ashmead
Sharon Ashmead

Hope you get the truth out of the lads,,they know what happened,,,even if just one has a conscience,, that poor lass tried to get away from. Them ,we all think that ,,and shame on Spanish judge.

Roy Taylor

Something doesn’t add up here,,if someone knocked my door,by mistake,,and ended up dead by falling from my balcony,,,I think there would be some serious investigations ,and rightly so…so why is this not the case with this young lady,,iv been following this with interest,,,so many conflicting stories of what happened in the room ,,,evidence of drugs,,,surely these two factors alone warrant further investigation,,,,
This young girl is entitled to it and more so her family,,!
SPAIN,,,JUDICIARY do the decency ,,get the investigation reopened, and let this young lady rest in peace,,,,,