Legends Live Forever

What happens in Benidorm happens here

Legends Live Forever

Legends Live Forever

Everyday someone new discovers Benidorm for the first time.  While visitors who have frequented Benidorm on numerous occasions, often over many years, discovers something new in Benidorm.  It´s part of the magic of Europe’s greatest holiday resort.  No-one has every left Benidorm without a lasting memory.  And some have left Benidorm to discover “what happens next” when our physical existence in this world has passed.  Often , those are the same people who have created our memories.   Memories create legends.

Lee Bench

Lee performed throughout Benidorm under the stage name of Scott Bench Taylor. Perhaps the most popular entertainer throughout his peer group.  A fabulous Singer and Entertainer, who not only brought a spark to the stage, but added something to those he worked with his friendship and humor back stage.  He will never be forgotten by his fellow entertainers.

Mike Curtis

Mike’s was one of Benidorm most popular comedians. Mike had a career spanning 28 years in Benidorm and made Zodiacs the first point of entertainment time and time again for his fans.  But you needed to keep an eye on your drink.


Having had a previously successful career throughout Europe which including working with name like Billy Ocean and having many European hits including a number one in Germany, it was in Benidorm that the British finally became aware of one of Scotland finest talents.

Johnny Morgan

Johnny thrilled audiences for many years in Benidorm with his portrayal of Elwood Blues as part of the Benidorm Blues Brothers.

Pete Oliver

Pete´s career spanned the decades from the late 60’s with Sweet Chariot, moving on to many TV appearances and as a regular headliner at all the Blackpool top venues.  Spent the later part of his career in Benidorm where his Blackpool fans where happy to follow to listen to one of Benidorm´s finest voices.

Davy Royal

One of Benidorm´s longest running Comedians and a fabulous impressionist.  His outrageous appearance had his audiences laughing before he said anything.   A comic genius.


Not an entertainer (as such) but still one of the most familiar sights around Benidorm.  His promotions of venues such as Benidorm Palace where displayed to the delight of tourist.  Especially the kids and those of us who never grew up.

R.I.P Guillermo Alvarez 25/08/2015




He was a popular (and somewhat crazy!) figure on the Benidorm cabaret scene for many years, with his own brand of magic (fire!) and humour….Mention his name to any holidaymakers who saw his show in the late 90s, early 2000s and they will tell you of fire, rabbits and red paint.

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