Life in Benidorm, a different view

Life in Benidorm is not all roses.  These are the worst things about living in Benidorm: (WARNING: This is full of sarcasm).

1. Coping with the constant feeling of being on Holiday. You just cannot get into the groove of working here because there are too many opportunities to have barbecues with friends, go out for something to eat and stay out late because there is no work tomorrow.

2. What are we supposed to talk to strangers about?.  "Hi Nice day to-day".  Just doesn´t cut it.  Its always a nice day.  When it rains we are glad to see it, so nothing to complain about.  This can be a very unsociable climate.   

3. Having to put up with jealousy from tourists who are under the impression we are living the dream.   Read the Sun newspaper.  This is the most dangerous place on earth

4. Going out for an expensive meal.  How we miss that.  It is very difficult to spend more than 30€ on a complete night out including the drinks.  Makes us feel like cheapskates all the time.

5. Daytime Fashion.  Restricted to swimwear much of the year round.  Very difficult to stand out as a Fashion icon. 

Life in Benidorm

6. The sound of fireworks as another Fiesta gets underway. We want peace and quiet, not happiness and celebrations!

7. The lack of traffic is very misleading.  We arrive everywhere far too early when we fail to catch the traffic jam.  This means there is a lot time wasted every day while we sit in the sun having a coffee waiting on our appointment.

8: Having to put up with cheap coffee that only costs between €1 and €1.50 (and includes a Brandy). When will the Spanish learn they can make much more money by overcharging for a huge polystyrene cup of froth and sugar rather than sticking to actual coffee?

9: Now I understand the expression "Saved by the bell".  The reference comes from the "time" bell called in British pubs.  Living in Benidorm can cause severe liver problems as there are no such warnings to help us stop, while still in a state of consciousness.

10: And speaking of alcohol.  I feel like I am guilty of tax evasion when I can buy a pint for one Euro.  Inviting a girl for a drink is not exactly displaying the image of the man of her dreams.  Cheapskate again. 

11. Being able to buy good food from local British run restaurants and bars.  This robs us of a reason to buy expensive fast food like KFC and McDonalds. That is supposed to be a treat.  Why not make the good food more expensive so that we have a reason to eat crap. 

BOY are we going to miss the pandemic when it is over.  What a great cure for home sickness, going home to watch TV at 10 because everything is closing and we will not miss anything.  Having to live life 24 hours a day with everything open gets monotonous anyway.  

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