Little Britannia, The Union Flag Saga – The True Story.

What happens in Benidorm happens here

Little Britannia, The Union Flag Saga – The True Story.

Little Britannia, The Union Flag Saga – The True Story.

What a controversy this post has created.

“Well what can I say Spanish local police strike again
My bar little Britannia old town has had British flags outside for almost 2 years. now all of a sudden it’s not allowed.  Talk about victimisation, Double standards springs to mind”

Posted: Monday 14th January Benidorm Seriously member Tracey Walker, owner of the Little Britannia Bar situated in Benidorm´s Old Town .

What a shame that the British Media failed to get the full facts before going to print.

The bar owners have had to put up with inaccurate reporting from the British Tabloids, who have taken the story completely out of context ie the Mirror.co.uk and the Sun.co.uk.  The Sun even claim this as an exclusive story, (yes it was, exclusive to Benidorm Seriously which is a closed Facebook Group, with no share facilities) and have managed to twist this story into something it isn’t, with comments such as “Tracey Walker, 54, from Bradford, says the bunting ban at Little Britannia could be due to anti-UK feeling over Brexit as customers fear ‘there’s not a lot of love right now’ 

Benidorm Seriously was the only place that Tracey shared her story.

This post ran for quite a while until comments such as “blame brexit it gets the blame for everything else” and “Brexit is causing all this “ were made from other group members, obviously said tongue in cheek as Brexit is a hot topic of conversation both on the group and here on the web site.

Updates – According to sources, the reason the flags/bunting are being removed is nothing to do with the type of flag be it British, Scottish, Spanish etc, but was due to some local residents complaining to the authorities that these flags were attached to electrical cables, which is obviously a Health and Safety issue.

Here is the full true story –

Tracey has stated “I would like to put the record straight.  The article that was written in the newspapers was not what was said, they took what I wrote on Benidorm Seriously Facebook Group last week about the flags and added more, they were NOT given a story by me and they were told I didn’t want to comment as I was not sure whether all flags had to be taken down. They also took my pictures from my Facebook page without permission”

Tracey Walkers, Facebook Profile Photo (printed with permission)

So this is what actually happened. One day last week I got a call from my bar lady. She said the local police  had come into the bar stating take the flags down or receive a 800 euro fine.  I said they have been up almost 2 years so I will call my Gestor for legal advice. Within half hour he came back to us and said take the flags down now or you may receive a 1800 euro fine, so the flags were taken down,  someone told me they made everyone take them down and not just the Little Britannia Bar. we think they may just want to tidy up the area and it wasn’t just the Little Britannia Bar or even just the British Bars as far as I’m aware,  but the reason for the removal of the flags has not been confirmed at this point.

Then a reporter contacted me trying to say is it because of Brexit and we are British…. I said I don’t think so, as all flags have gone from the street, not just ours, so there is nothing to report.  The following day I got a call from a London newspaper who asked the same question and again were told the same ie there is no story, he said to get back to him if we found out any more information, as there were no more updates I never contacted him. Then on Sunday night he sent a message saying it was going in the newspaper so I sent back once again that there’s nothing to report.

Newspapers claim they can print what they want, Fact or Fiction

Tracey has since contacted the reporter and was told  “Because they didn’t directly quote me they can put it in and use my personal Facebook profile to get more info. “I am shocked and upset by the whole thing.”

So as you can see, do not believe everything you read in the British Newspapers as things can be taken out of context and twisted to make a story more sell-able and newsworthy.

Again Benidorm Seriously have taken the time (to the best of our ability) to find out the Facts.   Unconfirmed reports are that the bunting was asked to be removed from the entire street because some of them where tied to Electricity cables,  How long is Britain going to allow these Fictional Newspapers to upset people lives.

*The Union Flag? What is commonly known as the Union Jack, the flag of the United Kingdom, is actually only called the Union Jack when it is flown on the jackstaff on the bow of a Royal Naval ship. The correct name for the flag is the Union Flag.




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John Sellers
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John Sellers

Another example of how we are lied to by large portions of the British press. Absolutely shocking – You can’t believe a word they say…

David Haley
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David Haley

As being Scottish I have no problem with the union flag but its not my flag mine is the saltire

Chris Chronos
Benidorm Seriously Sponsor
Chris Chronos

This is exactly what I assumed had actually happened. The mainstream media always twist things to make people angry, because angry readers share stories more than happy readers

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