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Live weather updates for the Region Today

Live weather updates for the Region Today

Live weather updates for the Region Today

14th September

NOTE:  For those not familiar with the term Gota Fria (Cold Drop), this is a visual explanation of the difference between a gota fria and heavy rain

Our thanks to Tony’s Exchange for the video

Please note this page will be updated as events arise.

Although Benidorm has seen some quite heavy rain especially this morning along with a horrendous thunderstorm, we often miss the worst of the bad weather as we are protected by the surrounding mountains, unfortunately other areas in our region are not so lucky as the reports and photos below show-

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20:06 p.m. The City Council of Algorfa has released an official statement to reassure the population concerned and avoid hoaxes, due to the effects that the temporary DANA may have on the population at this time. First, the mayor, Manuel Ros Rodes, explained that “the breakage of a wall of the Segura River at the height of Algorfa on the side of Almoradi has already been repaired , without being able to ensure that it is final. the Emergency Military Unit, UME, are working to cover a crack that has emerged at the height of the treatment plant on the side of Algorfa, so it is raising the level a bit along the road to Almoradi.

I also want to thank all the work being done by both the EMU, civil protection, police, civil guard, volunteers and anonymous citizens who are providing valuable help.

21:50 p.m. Flood of the Segura River as it passes through the town center of Rojales. The City Council is creating a containment dam in the area that can overflow. It will be a night in vilo.

20:23 p.m. They rescue a baby in a flood in Orihuela.

Altea to regain calm after the storm

The storm has caused different damages with trees knocked down by the wind and streets cut to traffic for safety

The storm of rain and wind that has hit Altea during the night from Friday to Saturday has caused flooding in different parts of the city and damages like trees literally lying in the wind . The storm also caused the cut to traffic of several streets for safety.

The Altea City Council worked yesterday against the clock so that, as soon as possible, the municipality regained normalcy. One of the places most affected by the storm has been the Santa Clara urbanization , where several trees have had to be removed from the road.

18.00 The Segura River has suffered new overflows in municipalities of the Vega Baja and has flooded urban centers in Orihuela, Catral, Rojales, San Isidro, Daya Nueva and Daya Vieja, according to Emergencies of the Generalitat. Work continues with all available means in the breakage of the river as it passes through Almoradi.

18:41 hours. Numerous reeds and remains of all kinds are arriving at the mouth of the Segura river in Guardamar.  The City Council has had to open the containment dam that traps the reeds that travel along the river to give more output to the flood. Photos: Joaquín Carrión.

18:32 hours. The Department of Urban Cleanliness of the City of Torrevieja asks for citizen collaboration because due to the serious situation in which a large part of the province of Alicante and Murcia is located, the garbage collection trucks of the town cannot be moved to the points of landfill to deposit the garbage daily. Therefore, it is requested and recommended that they try, as far as possible, not to deposit household garbage in the containers and leave them in their homes until this serious episode of cold droplet passes.

18:17 hours. They rescue the lifeless body of the missing biker in Benferri. 

17:37 p.m. One of the Special Operations Command teams is working in the Molins area evacuating isolated personnel with boats to the points where they can be picked up with vehicles


The different teams of the Special Operations Command of Rabasa are in Almoradí with a similar task and distributing water and food.

At this time, two more gaps have appeared in the course of the Segura, which means that there are three floodlights that are isolating the town of Almoradi. The flow is expected to decrease, but in the meantime, problems are moving from west to east. The most dangerous situation is that the overflow cannot be contained and that Almoradi is isolated for vehicles. The EMU plans to redirect the efforts of the special teams in Molins at the time the evacuations decrease there

As for traffic, the CV-935 of Almoradi, is cut because the bridge has fallen. Likewise, the CV-95 is not passable either.

17:13 hours. In the last hours, the Special Operations Command has carried out numerous recalls after the Vega Baja floods.

17:03 hours. Images of the Civil Guard helicopter rescue of several people trapped in the houses next to the road between Dolores and Catral.

16:38 p.m. The Civil Guard has rescued a total of 678 people and 231 vehicles in these three days of cold drop in the province of Alicante with a total of 1447 troops deployed in the different affected areas.

15:48 hours. In some supermarkets in the province there is a shortage of certain products, even in Alicante capital. In one of the Mercadona of San Vicente they have been without meat or vegetables for two days. Trucks with products begin to arrive, now.

15.00 .  Fish are now swimming in the flooded streets of Daya Vieja, one of the effects left by the cold drop storm in Alicante

14.01 hours. The municipality of Redován has just declared three days of mourning after the death of a 58-year-old neighbor last Thursday, as a result of the cold drop. The body has been transferred to the Forensic Anatomical Institute where an autopsy will be performed. The desolation in the town is total. This person, whose identity is unknown, truck driver by profession, went to the field yesterday to see what state he was in. Never came back.

13.44 hours.  Orihuela is still flooded at this time and nothing suggests that normality returns in the short term. Orihuela is still flooded at this time and nothing suggests that normality returns in the short term. M. Alarcón reports.

12.57 hours. DAYA VIEJA and DAYA NUEVA: Both municipalities are totally isolated. All accesses closed. Floods when the ditches overflow and the flood of the river. They are taking boats to get people trapped from houses in the garden. Others carry inflatable boats. The population is asked not to leave their homes. Rubén Míguez informs.

12.41 hours. The green berets have located the body of another person in the municipality of Benferri , one of the most affected by the water, so much so that it was impossible for firefighters to access it.

12.23 hours. The acting Government President, Pedro Sánchez, accompanied by the ministers Ábalos and Grande-Marlaska, visited the areas affected by DANA this morning to be interested in the state of the population and the damage caused by heavy rains.

11.55 hours.   Updated weather data in Orihuela. Antonio Trives reports :

Attention: Even if the sky is clear it does not mean that the emergency is over. The situation remains extremely delicate.

Do not leave home if it is not strictly necessary and do not drive with vehicles.

The accesses of Orihuela continue closed, except the N-340 by the Ociopía Shopping Center. It is accessed by Carolina Pascual street, the Bishop’s path or behind the Town Hall.

The Regional Hospital of Vega Vega can be accessed through the A7, exit Granja de Rocamora.

To date, 472 liters per square meter have been collected in Orihuela.

All the personnel of the security and emergency bodies are still at street level evacuating the people who need it and attending to the incidents.

Food is being provided to the most affected areas.

Exercise caution and pay attention to information from official sources. #Arihauela Town Hall, Orihuela Local Police, and Orihuela Civil and Emergency Protection.

11.54 hours. There are 33 roads cut in the Vega Baja.

11.42 hours.  ALMORADÍ: Two water points have been enabled in the Plaza de la Constitución and another one will be placed in the Venancio Costa Pavilion (coordination center), since there is no potable water service. More vats will arrive and they will be distributed throughout the town. Urgencies will also be attended when available. From the City Council they ask for tranquility and point out that water emergencies are being managed by bakeries, Casa Verde Residence and Ambulatory. Some supermarkets such as Dumbo and Día have been able to open, but a lot of the staff is from outside and cannot be accessed to replenish. They ask citizens to only make calls to the Police of true priority.  Rubén Míguez informs

11.40 hours ROJALES: Fear for the flood of the Segura River and a possible overflow by the new water avenues. The channel goes down with a lot of flow through the town center and you can barely see the eyes of the Carlos III Bridge. Rubén Míguez informs .

11.30 am The populations of the south of the province of Alicante most flooded by the overflow of the Segura river in the current episode of cold drop are Almoradí, Dolores and Rafal, where the military of the UME and the Special Operations Command (MOE) distribute food by helicopter and water. Photo of Dolores this morning ( Áxel Álvarez ):

10.55 hours. The kennel of Asoka in Orihuela, with two meters of water. They rescued two caretakers by helicopter and now between dogs and cats 600 are alone because nobody can reach the shelter. Martina Ruiz reports.

10.55 hours. Almoradí is isolated after the break in the speck of the Segura River that has flooded the access to the town. More information on the situation of this municipality here .

10.20 hours  In Dolores they are without water or light. M. Alarcón reports. Photo: Áxel Álvarez.

10.15 hours. After the storm last night dawns sunny in Orihuela. Some bars have opened their doors and have mounted their terraces in the center of the city, at the points where the streets have not flooded. But the points that were flooded yesterday remain the same, like the riverbed, a few centimeters from overflowing in the center of the city.

The machines continue to draw reeds from the river, which already accumulate in the New Bridge, with up to three meters. Neighbors are going to look for their cars to see where they are and where they are. The owner of a bar has gone to his establishment to reduce water with a pump, but the street where he is, Bishop Rocamora, is still flooded. Antonio Trives report

10.00 hours Attention on the road in Novelda:

10.00 hours The firefighters of the Provincial Consortium of Alicante continue to work in the Vega Baja region. 40 vehicles and the rescue helicopter are mobilized in the area. The main intervention is the evacuation of people. In the last 24 hours they have managed more than 1300 incidents. They continue to ask citizens to take precautionary measures, stay in their homes and avoid ground floor homes. In the rest of the regions, so far, there has been no relevant incident. Pedro Closed reports.

09.55 hours. At this time 34 roads remain closed to traffic in the regions of La Costera, Vall d’Albaida, Marina Baixa, Baix Vinalopó and Vega Baja and Renfe has suspended train service in different sections of the Valencian Community and the Region of Murcia.

09.38 hours. The Segura River has suffered new overflows in municipalities of the Vega Baja and has flooded urbanizations and some areas of the urban centers in Orihuela, Dolores, Catral, Rojales, Almoradi, San Isidro, Daya Nueva and Daya Vieja, according to Emergencies of the Generalitat .

09:30 hours. The Crevillent hostel has welcomed 47 people tonight, most of Almoradi. M. Alarcón reports.

09.20 hours.  ORIHUELA: Right now all closed accesses, except the N340. The hospital can be accessed by the A7 and leaving by Granja de Rocamora. Molins and La Campaneta are now the most affected districts. This is Orihuela in drone view. Daría Pérez video:

09.20 hours. The situation in Dolores. The fire services that are working in the municipality indicate that all the neighbors must lower the automatic ones of their houses not to produce electrical consumption and to avoid possible accidents in their houses.

The municipality of Dolores has been flooded with water tonight. At 2 in the morning the water reached the steps of the Town Hall producing an elevation of the channel, within the urban core, of more than one meter in some places

A Firefighters vehicle in the Alicante town of Dolores flooded with water due to the breakage of the Segura river dam produced by the Cold Drop that affects the Valencian Community. EFE / Manuel Lorenzo

Three emergency vehicles have been damaged while rescue work was being carried out. All assisted persons have been transferred to the shelter enabled in the Cultural Center. For a few hours the flow has been stable, not suffering more level increases. Rubén Míguez informs. 

08.55 hours. The Vinalopó now presents this aspect. It is a river that never carries water. Photos of Javier Rico:

08.52 hours. Without significant rainfall in the last hours, while rescues continue in the Vega Baja and the flow of the Segura remains stable.

08.37 hours. Renfe informs that the circulation of ALL Medium Distance trains with origin / destination Valencia-Alicante-Murcia as well as the Alcoi / Xàtiva-Valencia line is suspended. No possibility of traveling by alternative means.

08.35 hours. 112 reports that the DANA emergency is still in force and asks people to be cautious and avoid going to see the flood of the Segura River or take pictures.

08.14 hours.   The AEMET reports that the most adverse part of the storm is already at sea after traveling along the coast of the Marina Alta.

08.03 hours.  In Ibi, the acts planned for guerrilla and embassy have been suspended until eleven o’clock in the morning, at which time a mass is scheduled. A strong stream of water has fallen this morning in the town. Photos of Nando JS information :

08.03 hours.  The city of Alicante dawns with rains and overcast sky.


07.51 hours. Here you can see the rains recorded in the province until 07.00 today, according to AVAMET:

45,5 Finestrat/la Cala
25,4 Rafal
23,6 Bocairent/Càmping Mariola
23,1 Benidorm
23,0 Elx/Maitino
21,6 Ontinyent/Alba
21,6 Catral
21,2 la Font de la Figuera
20,1 Aspe
19,4 Altea
19,4 Orihuela/San Bartolomé

07.47 hours. At the Maigmó station, 23.6 l / m2 have been collected in about 10 minutes. In what we have been of year it had not rained with so much intensity, indicates the Laboratory of Climatology of the University of Alicante:

07.45 hours. The TRAM service informs that traffic is restored between Paradís and Benidorm. The trains run with delays on the expected hours due to “technical problems”.

07:30 hours. Storm now from Benidorm to Valencia, affecting the entire coastline between these two cities. Fast movement to the northeast, according to AEMET Valencian Community:

07.00 hours The cold drop has continued to show its power with a thunderstorm that in the city of Alicante has illuminated the sky in the middle of the night. At six in the morning there have been strong winds, torrential rains, some hail and a huge amount of lightning.

05.45 hours. Good morning, to say something. The city of Alicante has been shaken by a brief but intense storm . The rain, torrential although of short duration, has fallen in less than half an hour, and rainfall has been accompanied by hail and a spectacular electrical device that has illuminated the Alicante sky.

According to the AEMET, the Alicante observatory has collected 7.8 liters per square meter during that half hour, while that of the Alicante-Elche airport has gone up to 22.2 l / m2.

In addition, strong gusts of wind have also made an appearance. His strength has uprooted a tree and caused a branch of another to fall on a car on Doctor Rico Avenue

According to the AEMET, the Alicante observatory has collected 7.8 liters per square meter during that half hour, while that of the Alicante-Elche airport has gone up to 22.2 l / m2.


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