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LIVE Weather updates, weather conditions and warnings for the Region

LIVE Weather updates, weather conditions and warnings for the Region

LIVE Weather updates, weather conditions and warnings for the Region

Friday 13th September 2019

NOTE:  For those not familiar with the term Gota Fria (Cold Drop), this is a visual explanation of the difference between a gota fria and heavy rain

Our thanks to Tony’s Exchange for the video

Please note this page will be updated as events arise.

Although Benidorm has seen some quite heavy rain, we often miss the worst of the bad weather as we are protected by the surrounding mountains, unfortunately other areas in our region are not so lucky as the reports and photos below show-

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9.30 pm The Guardia Civil reports that it has made a total of 650 personal rescue and 231 vehicles. The bulk took place yesterday 12, when 545 people were rescued.

At last some good news – 9.30 pm The State Meteorological Agency lowers the alert for yellow rains throughout the province of Alicante, for tonight. For tomorrow the forecast is green alert for meteorological phenomena in almost the entire province, with the exception of the south coast that is expected to reduce the alert after 18 hours.

A request has just come over the radio and they are looking for people with 4 X4’s or anything bigger, in the Catral, St Fulencio and Dolores area to help with evacuation, as the Rio Seguro has burst its banks. Please contact your Policia Local if you can assist. No other cars are capable of assistance unless they are equipped for the weather. Another front is on the way coming from the sea across the east.

20.40 hours The Civil Guard locates a deceased person in Benferri. The body has been sighted from the Benemérita helicopter, which has proceeded to its recovery.

20.13 hours. 85 patients who urgently need dialysis remain trapped in their homes in districts of Vega Baja. The association of renal patients asks that the security forces come to look for them at their homes.

20.05 hours. The Civil Guard rescues a couple and three children trapped in a car . The family was traveling on a tourism road CV-921 in Orihuela when they were surprised by a flood

20.00 hours The Segura Hydrographic Confederation requests help from the Civil Guard to evict several people located at the foot of the dam in the Santomera reservoir, where controlled drainage maneuvers of the flows are being carried out and it is not safe to remain.

19.56 hours. More than 200 people evacuated from the Vega Baja by the cold drop

19.31 hours. Three women rescued by birth in the Vega Baja are rescued by helicopter . One of them has already given birth in a health center.

19.25 hours. According to the Laboratory of Climatology of the UA the cold drop will give its last blows in the next hours, moving inland and north during the weekend.

For anyone not sure what area the Vega Baja is –

The president of the Government travels to the Vega Baja to visit the areas affected by the cold drop and King Felipe VI calls Puig to take an interest in the situation- Emergency services are rescuing numerous people who have been trapped in vehicles and homes – In the Vega Baja the Consortium of Firefighters informs people not to leave their homes and not to stay in the ground floor homes

19.12 hours. More than 150 police actions, twelve people trapped and two campsites evicted in Elche .

19.00 According to the Generalitat, 34 roads are still closed due to the storm.

18.42 hours. How to get out of the car if we are surprised by a flood? One of the great dangers of the cold drop that affects the Valencian Community is to get stuck in a vehicle

18.35 hours. The ferry stranded in Dénia, about to sink through the storm . The stern has been completely destroyed and the rocks are dotted with ship wreckage, which also floats through the mouth

18.30 hours. The situation in Vega Baja remains very complicated . The helicopter and 40 vehicles of the Provincial Firefighters Consortium continue to work in the area . From 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., the Consortium Emergency Coordination Center has managed nearly 900 interventions . Citizens continue to be requested to take precautionary measures

18.25 hours. The Alicante municipality of Benferri and the Oriolana district of La Matanza have run out of drinking water due to the breakage of the water supply connection as a result of the cold drop. Sources of Emergencies of the Generalitat have reported that they are working on their repair although it is being difficult to access due to the floods that have caused the intense rainfall that affects the Vega Baja.

18.15 hours. Thus the dam of Santomera has been opened . The water that is leaving the swamp is circulating through the Rambla Salada canal to reach the Segura river, in the Vega de Alicante, although due to the significant volume there may be flooding in the vicinity of the waterfront.

18.12 hours. Crevillent warns the neighbors of the districts that can be evicted by floods . El Realengo, San Felipe Neri, El Rincón de los Pablos and Las Casicas are within the areas affected by the Santomera dam.

18.00 pm Plastics and buckets by the leaks in the church of Xàbia, one of the jewels of the Valencian Gothic.

17.56 hours. Although the CHS says that the Santomera swamp will not be broken, the mayors of the area ask the neighbors for maximum prudence.

17.53 hours. Wave of solidarity . Thousands of people are expressing their solidarity with the neighbors of the Vega Baja affected by the cold drop and a logo that is being massively shared on social networks has gone viral .

17.48 hours. The Civil Guard mobilizes 700 troops in the area affected by the storm . Armed Institute agents participate in the rescue of eleven people in the Vega Baja.

17.40 hours. Steps to follow to claim insurance damage . Those affected by the cold drop have seven days to report their claims to their companies.

17.30 hours. Thousands of residents of Almoradí have been without drinking water since 11 hours today . Stocks of bottles and bottles of water have been sold out in almost every supermarket. The governor, María Gómez, has explained that there has been a breakdown in the general network and the machinery that needs to be repaired is in the Las Maromas industrial estate, an area that is currently flooded by the overflow of the Segura river. The councilor has announced that this afternoon a water tank will be available in the health center to meet the needs of the health service, although if there is an emergency situation among the neighbors it could also be supplied.Gómez has assured that tomorrow Saturday more tanks will be put up for general distribution in order to guarantee the supply, since the large vats cannot reach the town this afternoon. Report: MA Rives

17.20 hours. The PP, Cs, Compromís and Podemos ask for urgent help in Congress and declare a catastrophic zone . The initiatives request the Government to process subsidies as quickly as possible in order to address the emergency situation

17.10 hours. The “green berets” of Rabasa and the UME rescue isolated neighbors in the Vega Baja.

17.05 p.m. Is your house in danger from flooding? Check on this interactive map of the Valencian Community the level of flood risk in your area

17.03 hours. The road between Almoradí and Algorfa falls below the bridge that crosses the Segura river

16.50 hours Rocamora Farm is flooded in minutes. The municipality is completely flooded and the City Council urgently requests emergency assistance from the Military Unit.

4:45 p.m. The Segura Hydrographic Confederation has announced that it will begin to alleviate the maximum capacity of the Santomera reservoir canal

16.40 hours. The AP7 is flooded and cut at the height of Granja de Rocamora

16.30 hours. More than 300 assists and 40 people rescued in cars and homes in Santa Pola

16.20 hours. In the Montepinar Urbanization of Orihuela, hundreds of neighbors are isolated . The force of the water has lifted the asphalt and the accesses are cut . The avalanche of stones has demolished walls and walls of houses. Photos by Rubén Míguez.

16.03 hours. The Laboratory of Climatology of the UA informs that the precipitations can return to be intense in Alicante, where the first thunder already begins to be heard.

15.45 pm The firemen of the park of Alicante go to Orihuela to support the emergency services.

15.25 hours The Laboratory of Climatology of the UA warns that although the forecast is for the cold drop to remit, we can still have some scare in the form of a strong storm over L’Alacantí and Marina Baixa .

15.20 hours. The situation in the Vega Baja is of maximum emergency. It is practically impossible to access the affected areas by vehicle and the rescue of people is being done with helicopters from the Provincial Consortium, the UME and the Civil Guard, mainly to rescue people from the roofs of their homes or their vehicles. There are around 40 vehicles of the Consortium working in the area. A part of the retaining wall of the Segura River as it passes through Almoradí has ​​been broken, which is causing the municipality to flood. The Firefighters Consortium reminds people not to leave their homes and not to stay in the ground floor homes.

15.12 hours. The Cox City Council urgently appeals to citizens not to leave their homes.

15.06 hours. Granja, Cox, Redovan, Callosa and other municipalities ask neighbors to prepare for a situation that could be extremely serious. Informs: MA Rives

15.05 hours La Vega Baja is preparing for a massive flood after the break of the Abanilla dam. Informs: MA Rives. 

14.50 hours Alicante lifts the ban on installing sailboats and reopens parks and garden

14:35 p.m. Restored the service on line C1 between the stations of Alicante and Callosa de Segura.

14.34 hours. The City Council of Elda reopens the parks and sports facilities starting tomorrow Saturday after withdrawing the AEMET all notices for the weekend. Report: JC Pérez Gil.

14.31 hours. They begin to relieve the pressure in the Santomera reservoir , whose overflow would threaten to flood the entire Vega Baja. The two districts affected by the disembarkation are being evicted.

14.28 hours. The Laboratory of Climatology of the UA informs that it rains again in some areas of the province, but with less intensity than yesterday. According to the satellite, the most complicated situation in the next few hours is expected in the northeast of Alicante . In the rest, more variable time with some showers. Informs: C. Pascual

14.15 hours. The mayor of Callosa de Segura, Manuel Martínez , has warned that 80 evicted people are in the sports hall. Read here . Informs: Sol Giménez.

14.05 hours. The flood of the Segura river already reaches some streets of the urban center of Almoradí . Informs: Rubén Míguez.

13.52 hours. Right now concern that the Segura, which is overflowed , ends up breaking the containment dams that have been installed and the water floods the urban centers of Almoradí, especially Algorfa and Benejúzar. Informs: M. Alarcón.

13.47 hours. It has just overflowed the swamp of Santomera , Murcia bordering Alicante, so it is feared that the entire Vega Baja may be flooded. Podemos is the first political party to request the declaration of catastrophic zone.

13.39 hours. Between Algorfa and Almoradí, workers are barricading with land to redirect the river and prevent more flooding of houses. A retaining wall of the river has already subsided and the water drops very strongly towards the urban center of Almoradí. Informs: Rubén Míguez.

13.30 hours. The town of Rafal suffers the consequences of the storm with the breakage of the two ditches of Mayayo and Abanilla. The rupture of these two channels has caused “destruction and flooding” , so it has been agreed to evict the families of the districts of El Mudamiento and El Badén . For this, Rafal has enabled a provisional shelter for 70 people.

13.28 hours.  The mayor of Rafal, Manuel Pineda , has made the decision to close the CV-912 road so that the water accumulated by the rainstorm that plagues the Vega Baja region can flow and thus avoid flooding the municipality.

13.26 hours. The City Council of Redován informs that vehicles parked in the lower area should try to raise them to higher parts since the Rambla de Abanilla has been broken

13.09 hours. Renfe restores the commuter rail service between Alicante and Callosa de Segura. Informs: FJ Benito.

13.05 . Firefighters have had to rescue two women who had been isolated next to their home after midday after overflowing the Segura river in Benejúzar . We expand the news . Informs: Rubén Míguez.

12.48 hours. The subdelegate of the Government in Alicante, Araceli Poblador, has informed that the president will land at El Altet airport at 12.45 pm and that the flood evolution in an army helicopter will follow later. Sanchez will check the ravages of the cold drop both in the south of the province of Alicante and in part of the Region of Murcia, especially in Los Alcázares. Then, the president will go to the advanced command post that coordinates the proceedings, in the town hall of Orihuela, before returning to Madrid.

Emergency services are rescuing numerous people who have been trapped in vehicles and homes – Rabasa’s “green berets” will be deployed in Vega Baja

12.39 hours. According to AEMET data in the last 48 hours 452 liters per square meter have been collected in Beniarrés, 425 in Orihuela, 253 in Muro de Alcoy, 178 at the Alicante-Elche airport and 173 in Rojales. Report: F.J. Benedict.

12.37 hours. Santa Pola urges neighbors to move vehicles away from the mouths of ravines. Here the details. Informs: Jose A. Mas.

12.23 hours Several people rescued  in Pilar de la Horadada.

12.20 hours The Segura river overflows in the old town of Rojales. Informs: C. Pascual.

12.17 hours. Torrevieja this morning Informs: M. Alarcón.

12.16 hours. The Segura river overflows in Orihuela, Benejúzar, Almoradí and Algorfa and is about overflow in Rojales. Informs: Rubén Míguez

12.08 hours. Two women have been trapped in Benejúzar along the Segura river. Firefighters are going to rescue them. The nearest houses are collapsing walls by the force of the river. Informs: Rubén Míguez.

11.48 hours. Update . Four people have been rescued this morning in the tunnel of the AP7 motorway that connects Alicante with Cartagena, passing through Pilar de la Horadada. Here all the details. Informs: C. Pascual.

11.47 hours.   Traffic . The Segura river overflows in Benejúzar . Cut the CV-91 between Almoradí and Benejúzar. Both lanes. Flooding overflow. Informs: Rubén Míguez.

11.23 hours. Orihuela is preparing for the Segura river to jump into the heart of the city after dangerously approaching six meters high. Read the chronicle of what is happening right now. Informs: M. Alarcón.

11.33 hours. Children with disabilities from the occupational center of Oriol are evacuated.

11.16 hours. As for the rains, there was a good drainage at the airport and only the taxi drivers on the ground floor, where they also pick up passengers, to the upper one had to be transferred at a specific time. A Ryanair worker had to be transferred to the hospital after apparently suffering an electric shock. Report: FJ Benito

11.15 hours. Alicante-Elche airport is recovering normality and all flights operate more or less in an hour after a complicated night after having had to divert 18 flights and cancel another 8 . With which, there were passengers who had to sleep in the terminal. Of the 18 diverted flights, 10 returned back to Alicante and have been able to leave normally this morning. Informs: FJ Benito.

10.59 hours. “Despite the recommendations, people are in the streets of Orihuela. It is morbid to see the river like this.” In the Oriolan neighborhood of San Pedro, the water reaches a meter high. “People are taking cars to the highest areas,” says a neighbor. Informs: C. Pascual.

10.49 hours. Forecast. The latest information from the AEMET radar reveals that a new cold drop nucleus is forming on the Gulf of Valencia, with which abundant rains would leave the province inland towards Valencia. The risk of intense rainfall would be reduced. Informs: FJ Benito.

10.18 hours. The effects of the cold drop keep the A-31 cut in La Encina , in the direction of Madrid. There is, however, an alternative diversion for vehicles that circulate in the direction of the capital of Spain.

09.56 hours. In El Saladar de Almoradí they are evacuating the neighbors from their homes . Flooded and impracticable accesses. They are putting sandbags in homes. Informs: Rubén Míguez .

09.49 hours.  Rescue of a driver in the tunnel of the AP-7 in Pilar de la Horadada . Here you can read all the information.

09.14 hours.   Forecast . Meteorology keeps the red alert for rains on the north coast of the province, from Alicante to Dénia, until midnight today and inside the province. On the coast of Vega Baja until 18.00 . Informs: FJ Benito.

09.09 hours.  Forecast. The cold drop continues to discharge a lot of water in the Vega Baja but the AEMET warns that in the next few hours it can rise to the north of the province . Informs: FJ Benito

08.58 hours. The Almoradí City Council informs that the district of El Saladar will be evacuated Red Cross is helping to move people with reduced mobility.

08.57 hours. Traffic . In the AP-7, direction Cartagena is cut off by rain. There are several vehicles locked with people on the roof . Firefighters and Civil Guard come to the rescue. Informs: P. Closed. 

08.56 hours. The Laboratory of Climatology of the UA informs that where it has rained most in the municipality of Alicante has been in Tabarca , where they have been more than 200 l / m2 in the episod

08.53 hours.   Traffic . The AP-7 and N-332 are cut from La Zenia in Orihuela Costa to the Region of Murcia. Informs: Rubén Míguez.

08.52 hours. 23 people have been assisted in the Municipal Sports Pavilion “Cecilio Gallego” . The last 8 people have been rescued from cars, street and their houses. With foresight, according to Civil Protection, to receive some more throughout the day. Informs: Rubén Míguez.

08.51 hours. Traffic . Urban transport has stopped working in Torrevieja . At the moment, the N-332 service lane of La Mata, and the entrance to that road through Las Salinas are impassable. Informs: Rubén Míguez.

08.46 hours.  Traffic. The DGT reports that the AP-7 is cut in the municipality of Pilar de la Horadada .

08.38 hours. The Local Police of Orihuela sends an urgent notice: evacuate the area of ​​Las Norias, Vereda los Martínez and nearby areas.

08.28 hours . The AVE trains maintain their service as well as the vicinity between Alicante and Villena. Informs: FJ Benito

08.27 hours . Renfe informs that the circulation of ALL Medium Distance trains with origin / destination València-Alicante-Murcia as well as the Alcoy / Xàtiva-Valencia line is suspended . There is no possibility of making the trip by alternative means due to the state of the road.

08.20 hours. The Segura Hydrographic Confederation reports that the river has overflowed its way through Orihuela

08.14 hours. The Local Police of Alicante and the firefighters of SPEIS have rescued six people caught by the rains and have carried out more than a hundred interventions. Here all the information.

08.13 hours. A deceased in the city of Almeria when his vehicle was trapped due to the rain. More information here

08.11 hours. From the Laboratory of Climatology of the UA recommend prudence  – “In spite of the relative calm that we have in a good part of the province of Alicante, it is not necessary to trust. The models foresee that in the next few hours we could have new downpours that will be intense locally”

08.10 hours. During the night it has continued to rain in Orihuela constantly but without the intensity recorded during the day yesterday, and they have collected just over 40 liters per square meter .

08.07 hours. A fallen wall in the Sierra Salinas in El Rebolledo .

08.06 hours. The road to La Alcoraya and Bacarot is still closed and the Local Police of Alicante asks for a lot of caution to drive.

08.05 hours. Since the beginning of this episode of cold droplet, Orihuela has collected about 300 liters per square meter , when the usual annual average is around 260.

07.57 hours. The city of Orihuela has been extremely vigilant for the possible overflow of the Segura river . Municipal sources have reported that the forecast is that the river will overflow in the next few hours, with special risk in the Molins area and at the height of the San Pedro neighborhood.

07.56 hours. The Local Police of Orihuela recommends that you do not travel through the streets of the city.

you can also keep up to date here (in Spanish) www.diarioinformacion.com



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