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Harry Van Vynck - 5th April 2019

One year ago today  I come home from work in London after sitting in traffic best part of day and said to my partner do you want to move to Spain and luckily she said yes.

Six weeks later 21st of may we arrived in Spain with what ever we could fit in motor, spent 3 nights in a hotel whilst we found an apartment, got ourselves a job in an office.

Harry Van Vynck Living in Benidorm

We then decided to start up on our own and get all our papers and docs in hand we both have green cards and are legal paying into the system and working for ourselves.

Biggest learning curve for me was to forget what you earn in UK in Spain 3 euros to 7 euros is about going rate once you get your head around you earn less but you didn't need as much then I don't care what anyone says if you are prepared to work you can earn money in Spain.

I often see posts on here (Facebook Group) asking whether moving to Spain is easy or hard and can you earn money ect,

I know living day to day is not everyone's cup of tea but for me I wish I had done it sooner,
will I be out here 5 years 10 years who knows but one thing I do know if I decide to leave Spain I haven't lost anything


I moved here 15 years ago with my parents and 2 younger brothers as my father retired and it was at the time cheaper way of life and the exchange rate was fantastic.

What I miss is animals birds etc in fields the green not concrete city also British shops clothes shops. It´s not all fun in the sun I can't honestly tell you the last time I was on the beach as I don't have time working or with my baby. Everyone thinks you move to Spain and become a millionaire over night and living in a villa with a pool it's really not like that everyone has to work here unless there retired and got some money behind them, but being here is more of a relaxed way of living having a meal in your garden or balcony/ terrace rather than indoors in the UK because it's raining. food and drink are cheaper here in Spain also even a meal out.


Claire Harper

I moved half an hour away from Benidorm in 2007. I rented an apartment, had 3 jobs and then I got married in 2009 and never thought I would look back. I loved it at first but I eventually found the winters extremely difficult and ended up depressed with not much work as a DJ in the winter. I found myself at home alone most days whilst my husband was at work and I missed things about the UK that I had never thought about before. The marriage broke down and I moved back to the UK in 2011, it was the best move I have made. My family still have a home in Benitachell which I visit often but I would never move back now. I have some amazing memories of living in Spain and made some very good friends who I still get to see when I visit. This is just my personal experience, it works out for some people and not for others.



I got sick of the UK, was stressed by my job so came here on holiday and never went back, that was 15 years ago.

I'm a karaoke dj, I work 6 nights a week and have an 8 year old who has to be taken to school etc. It's a hard slog for some of us but there's no way I'd go back...


Steve Hall

I had just sold a business and had a 3 year non activity clause. This meant I could not work in the UK for three years. Spanish sun appealed for a while, then I started a small business which became a big business. By the time I sold that, I was settled here.

I would have no hesitation in going back. There is much in England's Green and Pleasant Land that I love even after 15 years.

Have I lived the dream? Yes

Would I have come, if I had known xy and z? No

Regrets? No. (Well, I have had a few but then again too few to mention!)

Would I go back home? Spain is "home" but , as I say, I would have no problems waking up in the UK to earn my Daily Bread

DARREN SMITHOnly thing I miss is decent bread, I moved here October 2016, run a bar and drag dj on my nights off, so work 6 nights a week, whereas in the U.K. I only used to work two lol , wouldn't change it for the world though, I open the curtains to 9 X out of 10 to beautiful sunshine, and a 5 min walk to the beach.


I have lived here for 3 years love it, we have small private pension and income from our house which we rent out in the UK.

My husband is legally employed as a part time delivery driver.

We have our family come to stay as much as possible we don't go back to the UK and wouldn't ever want to live there again moving to Spain was the best for us.


Sian Living in Benidorm

I moved over 2 years ago as a Thomson rep. Was only supposed to be here for 6 months. Met my boyfriend here 2 months into my stay. Stayed for him, now 2 years on were expecting a little girl in July and excited to raise a child here!

I miss English bread, Lurpak and Yorkshire puddings. Oh and KFC, the one here use a different coating so not as good! Carpets and soft grass with no bugs in.

But for the life I have now, it's a small compromise!

SCOTT BLAIRThe weather prompted me to move. Quit working and kinda retired as it was interfering with my life too much. Apart from family, I miss friends and The Rangers.

TERRI GREENER - I Came over 15 years ago for a week. In that time bought a bar found somewhere to rent went home sold the house and moved back within 6 weeks.

Most people thought we were mad leaving jobs behind but we looked on it as an adventure and we were not young and stupid (54 and 59)

Have had a wonderful time here unfortunately my husband passed away last year so now I am here on my own but would not consider going back to England

KARL REVILLI played guitar there for 12 years (12 winters). Loved every minute. Used to come back to the UK for the summer season and couldn't wait for the end of September to be back on The Costa Blanca.

I still have a Spanish bank account which gave me my Nif/Nie number to apply for residencia. Given a choice, I'd be back tomorrow but I now have two young kids 3 and 5 who are settled in the nursery and primary schools.

I'm seriously considering retiring there so the kids can enjoy all the plus's that I did. And trust me, there are more plus's than minus's....


Celia Living in Benidorm

For 20 years we had been holidaying in Benidorm 2-3 times a year - we've seen so many acts - watched the changing line up of some of the tribute groups and never had a bad holiday.
We always talked about moving to Spain - when we retired....

Then our Mum and Dad moved over along with brother and sister in-law - more reason to visit!
When Dad got ill and subsequently died here, the Spanish health system was fantastic - more reasons to love Spain! When we realised that the pension changes meant that we could afford a deposit for a house in Spain, we booked 15 viewing appointments - what an eye opener!
Note to estate agents - MAKE AN EFFORT!!!

We found a place - a little 2 bedroom bungalow in LA Nucia - 5 km from Benidorm - perfect holiday home....
Then we made the biggest decision of our lives.... let's not have a holiday home.... let's move to Spain
So we did - and 1 year regrets - have had lots of fun adapting to our new life - officialdom here is ... entertaining​ let's say but, if you're thinking about moving here - just do it.......

Emma DivitoMoved here 2 years ago with my partner and our dog. We live just outside of Benidorm. We came with just a suitcase each. No job and nowhere to live. We both found full time contracted work within 3 weeks and somewhere to live within a week! I think we were very lucky! My advice would be to just do it! If it doesn’t work out, you go back, but at least you can say you tried! Good luck!

More stories in this section of our website -  A NEW LIFE

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