Local Police arrest Benidorm store owner for drug trafficking

What happens in Benidorm happens here

Local Police arrest Benidorm store owner for drug trafficking

Local Police arrest Benidorm store owner for drug trafficking

Story translated from Spanish Newspaper www.diarioinformacion.com so some information may be slightly lost in translation.

The Local Police and the drug detection dog unit searched three establishments on Calle Gerona and in one of them found a drum with a double bottom in which narcotic substances where found.

The Local Police of Benidorm last Tuesday (13th November) apprehended the owner of a 24 hour store who was thought to be of Pakistani Nationality for the alleged crime of drug trafficking.

The police conducted an inspection of the three premises after several complaints had been received from neighbors stating that they  “sold alcohol outside the time allowed (22.00 hours) and that they could also be selling drugs.  Thus, the agents carried out inspections with the canine drug detection unit, The inspections were also carried out to make sure that the premises met all the legal requirements necessary to be open.  During the intersection, one of the dogs that was checking under the counter of this particular 24 hours store “marked” a gray metallic beer can that also “smelled very strongly”.   On further inspection of the item, the police officers located a “double bottom” in which they found “two differentiated bags”.

When opened, according to sources, one bag had “13 transparent bags with a green vegetable substance, apparently marijuana” with a total of 21 grams, and  the other contained “37 black plastic bags with a white substance, apparently, cocaine” with a total of 19 grams.

The agents proceeded to identify the owner of the premises “who was there at that time,” (according to sources)  and the Local Police proceeded to make an arrest for the alleged crime of drug trafficking.

Upon continuing the search they also discovered that the premises did not fulfill any of the legal requirements to be open, “they will request the closing of the premises”.



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