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Local Train Service, Alicante to Denia

Local Train Service, Alicante to Denia

Local Train Service, Alicante to Denia

One of the reasons that people like to come to Benidorm is that there is always so much to do. Having said that, if you feel the need to “stretch your wings” a little, and explore more of the coastal strip of the Costa Blanca, nothing could be easier thanks to our train/tram services.

Benidorm’s train station is located at the top of Avenida de Beniardá and, although a good 15-20 minutes walk inland from the beach,  is easily accessed from the tourist side of town on bus number 1 for the standard fare of 1.50€ each way.

New Benidorm Intermodal Stop –  Located next to the Benidorm bus station goes into serviceDisco Benidorm stop will be closed down. So trains will cease to stop at Disco Benidorm and will now stop at Benidorm Intermodal. Certain L1 trains will continue their journey from the BENIDORM station to the Benidorm Intermodal station. Please check timetables

The trains in the Denia direction (line 9) leave Benidorm hourly starting at 06.36, and the journey takes just over an hour. The time of the return trains from Denia to Benidorm are at 4 minutes past each hour with the last train leaving Denia at 20.26.

TRAM d'Alacant notices on September 2018
Special Night Services for July and August time etc HERE
July 2019 – The trams will circulate every night on Fridays and Saturdays, and there will also be a night train / bus service between Benidorm and Déni –
The Tram will offer service throughout the night between Luceros and the towns of Benidorm (L1); Sant Vicent del Raspei g (L2); El Campello (L3); and Playa de San Juan (L4) with stops at the different stations and stops of these routes.

El Mussol de Les Marines, will link Benidorm and Dénia on Fridays and Saturdays of the summer, with the peculiarity that the rail service will be carried out between Benidorm and Calpe , from where the bus journey will continue until the end of the trip, Dénia , due to the refurbishment works that are being developed on Line 9 of the TRAM d’Alacant.

The frequencies of trains and trams will depend on the different lines and time slots, so customers are advised to inform themselves on the website www.tramalacant.es and on the toll-free number for information and Customer Service ( 900 72 04 72).

2. Starting on May 6th , FGV will increase the frequency of trains on Lines 2 and 3 during peak hours , recovering the usual school work service, as a consequence of the opening of the second track of the Serra Grossa tunnel on April 26th.

Updates – 16th December 2019 –  Tram connection between Alicante, El Campello and the train to Benidorm will no longer go along the coast but through the new Serra Grossa tunnel. This involves a 1.4 km route that cost 30 million euros in construction and with which a better and faster tram connection has finally become a reality after 8 years of construction and problems.


23rd February 2019 – opening of a new TRAM line in Alicante starting in June, the number 5, which will connect the San Juan beach with the Plaza del Mar station every fifteen minutes.

The trams to Alicante (line 1) leave every half hour starting at 06.35 with the journey taking around 75 minutes. The last tram leaves Alicante to return to Benidorm at 22.11.

The trams on line 1 do not stop at any of the stations between El Campello and Lucentum. If you would like to get off at any of these stations along the beach you need to change at El Campello onto line 3.

And the good news it’s cheap! Return tickets whether to Denia or Alicante, are the same price of just 6.40€ return.

Also, you can get a Bono 10 card which gives you 10 journeys for €14 for 2 zones (covers Benidorm to El Campello) or for €21 for 3 zones (covers Benidorm to Alicante). You can share the 10 journeys between different people. There is a one off charge of €2 for the card then you can top it up as often as you want.

There are 4 tram stations in Alicante and which one you get off at depends what you want to do.

SANGUETA – the best station if you want to go to the beach, marina and Esplanada. It is about 10 minutes walk along by the beach. The branch line (4L) down to the beach at Puerta del Mar was closed down in 2013 so Sangueta is now the nearest station to the beach.

MARQ-CASTILLO if you want to go to Castillo Santa Barbara. This is also the stop to get off to visit the acclaimed archaeological museum – a great place to visit on a wet day!

MERCADO for the area around the indoor market or a walk down the Rambla to Esplanada.

LUCEROS – the end of the line (so no worry about missing your stop) – is best for shopping etc. This is right in the centre of the city.

Now the worst thing about the trams and trains……They don’t have toilets!  So perhaps it’s a good idea not to have 15 pints of beer before you set off!  Have fun!

Things to note:

  • Inside the tram are illuminated signs which indicate the next stop, there is usually also a verbal announcement, a good chance to improve your pronunciation of Spanish towns.
  • When on the tram, signal to the driver you wish the tram to stop at the next stop – Press the button on the door – note the button and a sign in the carriage illuminate when this has been done.
  • Pressing the same button will open the doors when the tram has stopped.
  • On the tram – no smoking and no animals allowed. Do not travel without a shirt on.
  • You can buy your return ticket at Benidorm station ticket office. There are machines on the trams but they are not very easy to understand. There is an on the spot fine of €50 for not having a ticket.
  • It is important to retain your tram ticket for the duration of your journey. You will need to scan it at the end of our journey to exit the turnstiles at Alicante Luceros, Mercado or MARQ stations.




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[…] Details on how to get to Alicante by Train from Benidorm can be found HERE […]

Josh Smith
VIP Member
Josh Smith

Think it took us about 2 hours from Benidorm to Denia in March just under an hour on tram to Calpe then an hour in bus to Denia however when we went it was International ladies day so there was a limited bus service. Denia is very nice

Peter Garland
VIP Member
Peter Garland

Is the connecting bus from Calpe to Denia and the return easily and clearly signposted?

Tracy Ann

Yes it will be clearly marked

Jane Morris
VIP Member
Jane Morris

i am staying at the villasol campsite in benidorm whats the best was to get to the train station to go to alicante

Jill Shail

Quickest and easiest way would be by taxi. You can get the no 1 bus but you will need to walk into Town to get it.
x https://www.benidormseriously.com/taxis-in-benidorm/?af=16

Jane Morris
VIP Member
Jane Morris

So does that mean a taxi to the train station x

Tracy Ann

Taxi or bus

Jane Morris
VIP Member
Jane Morris

Thank you