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Man arrested for assaulting two people with a knife in a bar in Benidorm

Man arrested for assaulting two people with a knife in a bar in Benidorm

Man arrested for assaulting two people with a knife in a bar in Benidorm

The National Police detained  a 51-year-old man of Spanish nationality who allegedly assaulted two people with a knife, causing neck injuries. The events occurred in a unnamed bar in town. 

The assaulted entered the establishment and saw the aggressor very upset, shouting at the other clients and confronting them. Since they knew each other, they tried to talk to him to try to reassure him, but his reaction was the opposite. The man became more nervous and a fight broke out, in which they attacked each other by throwing punches.

Original story in Spanish by Alba García at www.diarioinformacion.com.  This has been translated to English so some detail may be lost in this translation.

At one point, the assailant took a knife out of his trouser pocket, and proceeded to stab one of the victims several times in the face and neck, causing two wounds that did not stop bleeding. The second man was attacked when trying to defend his friend and also received several cuts. The injured was treated by ambulance at the scene and transferred to the Villa Joyosa hospital.

The aggressor fled from the scene before the arrival of police officers. From then on the Judicial Police of Benidorm began an investigation and, thanks to the statements of the witnesses, they were able to identify the presumed culprit.

The aggressor, who knew that the police were following the him, stopped acting normally, hiding and stopped  frequent the usual places.  The police developed a discrete surveillance that allowed them to find out his location. The police officers managed to arrest the perpetrator when he went to an establishment to pick up his partner late at night.

The detainee was accused of committing a crime of attempted homicide, and was subsequently placed at the disposal of the Court of Guardia de Benidorm.



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