Man arrested for robbing two pharmacies

in Benidorm

National Police have arrested a man in Benidorm for allegedly robbing not just one but two pharmacies in Benidorm in less than two months, stealing over 1,000€ 

The events took place in March 2018, when a man robbed a farmacia (pharmacy, chemist) threatening the employee with a baseball bat. On that occasion the alleged thief fled without any money, as reported by the National Police in a previous statement.

Two months later another farmacia suffered another robbery. This time the suspect allegedly wielded a knife to intimidate the employees and managed to take about 1,000 euros in cash from the cash register. Apparently one of the items of clothing that he wore was located and analyzed by the forensics police team.

The police continued with further investigations until finally a fingerprint obtained in one of the establishments revealed/confirmed the identification of the thief. 

After identifying the alleged perpetrator, the Police established a search that concluded with the arrest 

The detainee was brought to justice. The operation was been carried out by agents of the National Police Station of Benidorm.

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