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Man arrested for thefts in Benidorm

Man arrested for thefts in Benidorm

Man arrested for thefts in Benidorm

National Police have arrested a man in Benidorm who robbed two establishments and forced a third party to hand over items.

The emergency call centre (room of the Intelligent Center of Communication and Control Command 091) received a call from a nearby employee who reported that there was a person who was forcing the fence next to his place of work . Several patrol cars were sent to investigate while a description was being give to the call centre.

When the first police arrived they met the man who initially reported the issue, who told them that when the sirens were heard the alleged thief run away, he was able to tell the police which route he had taken to escape. 

The agents began to check the different establishments in the area to see which showed signs of forced entry, finding three of them violated, two of which had been accessed inside. Inside the premises there were remains of blood both in the area where he had accessed and inside.

The Police surrounded the area, and eventually located a person fitting the description, he was intercepted within a few seconds.

The alleged perpetrator had several wounds on his hands, and carried different objects that were allegedly stolen and stained with blood, the wound had been caused by when forcing one of the premises open.  He was arrested for a crime of robbery, all stolen items were recovered and handed back to their rightful owners.

The detainee was a twenty year old of Romanian nationality, he has been placed at the disposal of the Courts of Benidorm charged with a crime of robbery with force.

Please note the original story was reported in Spanish, the above is a translations, some finer detail may be lost in this translation.  Read the original report at https://www.diarioinformacion.com

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