Man arrested for various robberies in Benidorm

The National Police stop a person in Benidorm up to three times in five days for different robberies.

The Policia National have arrested a 42-year-old Spanish man in Benidorm, accused of committing five robberies in town. The alleged perpetrator, who recently escaped (not sure if they mean released) from prison, was arrested on three occasions in just five days for allegedly committing various robberies. After the last arrest he has returned to prison.

Story Source, The original story is in Spanish and can be read HERE.  Some detail may be slightly lost in translation

At the end of June the Judicial Police of Benidorm investigated two reports of robberies which were committed in two adjoining hotel rooms, during these robberies, the alleged managed to access the terraces and stole two high-end mobile phones, a tablet and a clock.

The police were able to identify the thief from reports only to find he already had multiple police records, so they established a search that ended with his arrest on June 28th.

Another complaint made days before his arrest, police were alerted of a robbery with violence which took place on the streets,where the alleged perpetrator who was on a motorcycle snatched a backpack that the victim was carrying.

When the police began the investigation, they realized that it was the same person who was arrested for the robberies committed in the hotel rooms, it was also found that the motorcycle he used to carry out the latter illegal act had allegedly been stolen a day earlier. Due to these facts, the agents proceeded to arrest him on Monday, June 29th.

Finally, on July 1st, the investigators again arrested this person accused of committing a crime of robbery with force inside a house, from which he stole a television and various electronic devices, which were subsequently recovered by the police when they where found in a shop selling second hand items.

As a result of this new detention, the detainee was admitted to prison, from which he had recently left.

The investigation has been carried out by agents of the Judicial Police Brigade of the Police Station of the National Police of Benidorm.

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Please remember that the Laws here in Spain are not the same as those in the UK.

Punishing the thieves

Although these people are well-known to the police and courts, and some may have been arrested dozens of times. And on each occasion, within hours they are back out on the streets, free to steal again. How come? Because under Spanish law, non-violent theft of amounts under €400 are not covered by the criminal code.

Under Spanish law, if you steal something worth less than €400 it’s a falta (misdemeanour), not a delito (crime). If caught, they may be fined, around €50, but however many times they re-offend, it remains a misdemeanor and as an offence it is not cumulative.

Some courts have issued restraining orders on pickpockets, meaning that if they enter certain areas they face an immediate prison sentence, but this has raised a number of legal and ethical questions.  The law is not specific enough, meaning that it is open to the individual interpretation of judges.

For the police to have more effect these laws need to be changed from much higher up the ladder.

Information on all aspects of crime and local scams can be found HERE  Please take the time to read the information provided.

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