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Man Arrested in Benidorm for identity theft.

Man Arrested in Benidorm for identity theft.

Man Arrested in Benidorm for identity theft.

The National Police have detained a 30-year-old male in Benidorm as an alleged perpetrator of the crimes of usurpation (the act of taking control of something without having the right to, in this case Identity theft).

The investigation began with the denunciation of one of the victims who informed the investigators how someone had stolen his identity and applied for various credit cards and opened bank accounts in his name, making transfers and cash provisions to the value of 6,000 euros, both at ATMs and bank branches themselves.

At first, the efforts made by the investigators of the Judicial Police of the Commissariat of Benidorm were unsuccessful, either because there were no images, or because they showed nothing of interest.

In a second phase of the investigation, the agents received a new complaint from a different victim.  On this occasion the investigators obtained images with which they managed to identify the alleged culprit, who was none other than a friend of the complainants.

The detainee had seized the identity documents of his acquaintances and had allegedly stolen their identity and made financial contracts in their names, contracting debts with credit institutions, and then disposing of that money through cash withdrawals and transfers to different accounts, the fraudulent cards were sent to a mailbox in his community which he had free access to.

The amount of money defrauded to both victims amounts to more than 10,000 euros . The detainee has been made available to the Benidorm Guard Court. No names have been released at this time.

Note – This news article has been translated from Spanish to English, some detail may be lost in this translation, read the original story here  Informacion.Es 18.09.2019 | 15:02


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