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Man steals bus then causes damage over 2 Kilometres

Man steals bus then causes damage over 2 Kilometres

Update 11th DecemberBritish Tourist remanded to Prison to await trial

Police have confirmed that the driver of the stolen coach was a British tourist on holiday. The magistrate says that the journey was made “consciously violating the most elementary rules of movement”  

A court in Benidorm has remanded the man to prison without bail for stealing a bus during the early hours of Sunday and causing damage to about thirty vehicles parked on the street along with the coach itself, according to judicial sources. The man is charged with reckless driving offenses, theft of motor vehicles, attacks on law enforcement officials and injuries

He was detained due to the high flight risk and that the severity of the crime could see a prison sentence of in excess of 7 years imposed.

9th December : The individual took a coach from the Camí del Salt de l’Aigua car park on the outskirts of Benidorm after entering the room where the keys were kept at dawn and  then recklessly traveled part of the town center.

A man who was driving a stolen bus in the early morning caused damage to cars and motorcycles that were parked on the street in Benidorm, along a route of about two kilometers. The passenger transport vehicle was in the car park located in Camí del Salt de l’Aigua , near the Palau d’Esports I’Illa, next to the exit of Benidorm by the old N-332 in the direction of l ‘ Alfàs del Pi.  He stole the keys from the office where the keys were kept.

He then left the parking lot and, instead of running away from the old N-332, which might have seemed easier, he headed towards the town center and drove recklessly for about two kilometers. Along the way it was causing significant damage to a large number of cars and motorcycles that were parked on the street,  The thief entered the neighborhood of Els Tolls, first on the avenue of Andalusia and then on Greece Street -possibly in a forbidden sense, although this extreme could not be confirmed-, passing next to the headquarters of the Local Police, one of whose vehicles were also rammed by the coach. The individual was finally arrested on Belgium Avenue.


Story translated from Spanish from Diario Informacion.  Original story HERE


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