Meet the Team, Benidorm Seriously

Meet the Team

Meet the Benidorm Seriously Admin Team

WHAT IS BENIDORM SERIOUSLY –  Benidorm Seriously is an information site managed by people that have lived here for many years, ensuring that the information provided is as up to date, factual and as accurate as possible.

We welcome your input in to the site so please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. what you would like to see here.

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Tracy Ann Essex – Started Benidorm Seriously Facebook group on 9th March 2015

Meet the team, Benidorm Seriously admin

Born in Essex having worked as an Estate Agent, Secretary, Land Lady and Events Organiser. Purchased a property in Torrevieja in 2007 and moved to Spain lock stock and barrel in 2008 where I lived and worked in Torrevieja for 3 years running my own water filter business amongst lots of other things.

Moved to Benidorm in 2011 where I have worked as Door Staff (don´t laugh), Telesales and in various bars and restaurants, and photographer for the Blues Brothers Experience.

Benidorm Seriously is now a full time job and we now have an office open in town which means we are now more accessible to our members to give face to face help and advice, more information and map to the Benidorm Seriously Office can be found HERE

I have experience in all aspects of living and working in Spain, even divorce lol.

Derek Blevins

Meet the team, Benidorm Seriously

Born in Portadown, Co Armagh (a long time ago) I have been living and working in Benidorm since January 2010.

An entertainer from Northern Ireland and now working as Jake Blues, part of the very successful Blues Brothers Experience show here in Benidorm and throughout the Costa Blanca.

While assisting with some of the day to day admin my main role is more of a technical nature, with the website, forum and music page.

“My role in admin is to write the sarcastic comments which keep the girls busy at night lol”

Meet the Team

Jill Shail - Office and group administrator

Meet the team, Benidorm Seriously

I was born in Scotland but lived in Wiltshire for a large amount of my childhood and adult life. Moved to France in 2016 but it was raining so we came to Benidorm for a holiday for a week but stayed 90 days!!! Came back to Benidorm for the Winter in Nov 2016 and fell in love, we decided to stay. Aurevoir France, Ola Espana.

I am a huge fan of the group and am always on Facebook at home so this is great for me. My other real love (apart from my husband and dog of course) is Football. well most sports and have found some fantastic locations in Benidorm to watch them.

I have joined Benidorm Seriously as part of the Admin team having previously worked in different sectors in Administration, Customer Service, IT and Project Management.

Hazel McIntosh - Group Administrator

I’m originally from Scotland.  I’d been coming to Benidorm on holiday regularly for 11 years and was starting to come over more and more.  So, I decided to move here in February 2019.  The Benidorm Seriously webpage was my go-to for finding out about everything I needed to live in Spain.

I started as an Admin with Benidorm Seriously in the March, and although I’m still trying to find my feet, I’m absolutely loving it.  The team are really helpful and a great bunch.

I was previously an Admin Assistant with the local Council back in Scotland and prior to that worked in accountancy and legal firms.  I’m also a self-employed transcriptionist, which fits around the Benidorm Seriously work perfectly.


Dave Rowland

Dave is a Fresh Radio Presenter, he has lived in Spain for many many years and holds Spanish Citizenship.  Dave is always fully up to date on all legal matters and current local news.

Heidi Galvin

An entertainer here in Benidorm and a great addition to our admin team.

Leanna Blevins, currently taking a sabbatical ......

Yes the surname is the same…. I am Derek´s favourite daughter (he´ll say he doesn´t have a favourite though).  I am from Portadown (Co Armagh),  I am the newbie and the baby of the team at 26 years old.

I am a fully qualified beauty therapist but taking some time out to be a full time mother to my 3 children, Taylor Kayden and Brook.

I previously lived in Benidorm and worked in a beauty salon, then decided to open and run my own salon before returning home to raise my children.


0 # Graeme Ward 2019-04-08 15:41
THANK YOU Benidorm seriously (Tracy) I was the lad that was taken to IMED hospital as emergency. Diagnosis was correct Im getting my gallbladder removed. Thanks Tracy for offering to assist me with all my stuff that was left in my hotel room as I travelled to beni alone. I know you are a information guidance sharing page. And not personal assistants lol. But I couldn't think of anyone else to call for help. Thanks for offering to go above and beyond your job. I'm grateful x
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0 # Tracy Ann 2019-04-08 15:43
Your very welcome Graeme, always happy to help when we can, get will soon x
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