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Wayne Edward Bellamy-Wright AKA Miss Levi G came to Benidorm over 25 years ago and is Benidorm´s longest serving British Drag Queen.

Wayne started his performing career as a Red Coat at Butlins when one night his boss said "you have to compare tonight´s show" handed him a velvet dress, red wig and shoes three sizes too small.  The show went down a storm and Wayne was asked to do the shoe every week - Miss Levi was born.

Wayne then went to work in a nursing home in Bradford where one of the residents said "Oh Levi, get to Benidorm, there are people like you there, you´ll have a better life there"  So one day, he just walked out of the job booked a ticket to Benidorm and as they say the rest is history.

The name Miss Levi comes from Wayne´s great granddad´s name, Thomas Levi Griffin.  "I thought it was a universal name - male of female".

Miss Levi´s show features elegant dancing, great lip-syncing. and a fantastic array of costume changes and of course lots of stand up comedy with perfect comic timing and always some great off the cuff one liners.  Miss Levi was once described as "wittier than Simon Cowell and sharper than Judge Judy".

Most of Miss Levis costumes come from Thailand but some are hand made which takes weeks and weeks to sew on all the elaborate sequins and feathers etc.

You can find Miss Levis show schedule on our WHATS ON GUIDE

Miss Levi is the Benidorm Seriously Award winner for favourite Drag Act 2015 and 2016




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