The husband of an AWOL wedding planner accused of scamming dozens of brides says he has been told by Police  that they believe his wife has fled the country.

Hull mum Dana Twidale has not been seen for around three weeks after scores of people came forward claiming they had been conned by her.

In that time, her flat in Bridlington has been abandoned with her landlady calling her a “callous sociopath” and rumours have surfaced that she is sunning herself in Tenerife or Benidorm.

However, no sightings of the ex-funeral and wedding planner have been confirmed despite allegations she has duped multiple people out of thousands of pounds.

One of the alleged victims is her husband, Carl Twidale. He was married to her for three years after a six-month whirlwind romance before the pair split in 2017.

Dana has been accused of conning dozens of unsuspecting brides (Image: Submitted)

However, they continued to meet even after their relationship broke down and he claims she has swindled him out of £4,000.

He has logged his wife as a missing person with Humberside Police and earlier this week says an officer told him that they have found her car and believe she is not in the UK.

Mr Twidale has also read rumours that she is in Benidorm and he admitted he has made trips to Bridlington to try and find clues which may solve her sudden disappearance.

He said: “I went through to Bridlington as I was clutching at straws to see if I could pick up any clues. I went to her landlord to apologise because I’m that sort of guy and my mum is worried if I apologise too many times it’s a sign of guilt but I’m just trying to help everybody.

“Her landlord said to me she was potentially seeing four blokes at the same time and it seems I was just one of them.”

Mr Twidale says he has also been told by Humberside Police that Mrs Twidale is facing nine separate allegations of fraud but he believes the true number of cases will be much higher.

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  • Spain used to have no extradition treaty with the UK but the introduction of the European Arrest Warrant in 2004 means that suspects can now be extradited to the UK from any other EU country and vice versa.

Mr Twidale became close to his wife’s family during their time together and went to check on her mother after Mrs Twidale allegedly conned an ex-boyfriend into paying for her funeral.

He arrived at Mrs Twidale’s mother’s house to find that she was in fact still alive but he has had no contact with her family since her disappearance.

He has once again reissued that same appeal as he continues to pray for her safe return home.

Anyone who has been affected should contact Humberside Police on 101 as well as Action Fraud who are investigating the claims of victims who say they have been conned by Mrs Twidale.

If you see this person in Benidorm then call 112 for the local Police.