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National Police arrest 4 people in Benidorm for stealing at knife point

National Police arrest 4 people in Benidorm for stealing at knife point

National Police arrest 4 people in Benidorm for stealing at knife point

The National Police have arrested four people in Benidorm, three of them minors, accused of committing three robberies with violence and intimidation with a knife.

Source  – read the original story in Spanish here – www.diarioinformacion.com Some information may be lost in translation.

Those arrested chose their victims, who were always women, and after following them down the street robbed them of everything they wore at that moment and intimidated them with a knife.

The investigation began in back November after a police statement was made by a woman who claimed to have been approached in the street by three men, who managed to snatch her belongings and then threatened her with a knife.

Another complaint was filed days later with  a similar “modus operandi”. On this occasion, the alleged perpetrators surprised the victim on bicycles. They surrounded the woman and one of them wielded a knife while another snatched the bag with all its effects.

In the latest complaint, the injured told the Police that two hooded men intimidated her with a knife and began a struggle to steal her purse.

Once the complaints were analysed, the investigators determined that they were the same four men with the same modus operandi. While two of them studied the victim and the perfect moment to carry out the robbery, the other two executed the plan, after the robberies they all fled together.

After conducting various investigations, the National Police identified the four men, allegedly responsible for the robberies, and  established a search and arrests were made between the towns of Benidorm and Callosa d’en Sarrià.

The detainees who are of Bulgarian, Colombian, Spanish and Paraguayan nationalities, have been brought before the courts and the Children’s Prosecutor’s Office.

With these arrests the police have been able to clarify the above three violent robberies and have also recovered some of the stolen articles, which have already been delivered to the legitimate owners.

This operation was carried out by the National Police of Benidorm and Alicante.

The fact these people have been arrested shows the importance of reporting any crimes.  If the police do not know about incidents they can not do anything about them. details on how to report a crime can be found HERE.

You can also report crimes via the ALERTCOPS PHONE APP 


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