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National Police dismantle Cocaine drug organisation in Benidorm

National Police dismantle Cocaine drug organisation in Benidorm

The Police have arrested four people and seized about 600 grams of cocaine, marijuana, a revolver and more than 17,000 euros

National Police agents have broken up an organisation in Benidorm dedicated to distributing cocaine on a medium scale to other traffickers of lesser entity. In the operation, four suspected traffickers have been arrested and about 600 grams of cocaine, marijuana, a revolver with 40 cartridges and more than 17,000 euros in cash have been seized.

Investigators were aware of the existence of a home located in the city of Benidorm , the inhabitants inside were suspected of dealing narcotic substances, specifically cocaine.

The first investigation efforts corroborated the suspicions of the agents, managing to identify the three inhabitants of the house, verifying that they were members of the same family.

Continuing with the investigation, the police verified that none of them had a known workplace or any ordinary work schedule. They entered and left the house at odd hours , being also significant the large number of people who frequented the property where the house was located, some of which accessed the property by electric scooter and, after remaining a few minutes.

As a result of the efforts made, the investigaors verified that the majority of people who repeated this activity subsequently dedicated themselves to distributing narcotic substances at retail in different parts of the city of Benidorm, therefore suspecting that the address in question was a place used for medium-scale drug sales , where the inhabitants allegedly supplied other traffickers, the latter distributing it to the final consumer.

During the early hours of July 23,  Police arrested  the four alleged traffickers .

After the arrests, the search was carried out where about 600 grams of cocaine were seized, which remained camouflaged in the kitchen hood . Likewise, the agents found marijuana, more than 17,000 euros in cash and a revolver with 40 22-caliber cartridges.

The detainees, two men and two women, all of them of Colombian nationality between 31 and 54 years respectively, were placed, with the exception of one of them who was released,  to the Court of Instruction number three of Benidorm.


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