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New Beach for Altea

New Beach for Altea

New Beach for Altea

Yesterday Mayor Jaume Llinares announced a major new beach development for the town of Altea, this hopefully will be completed by the end of 2020 or early 2021.

The project has a budget of five and a half million euros and plans to create a beach between El Espigó and La Roda, in the space that currently occupies the public and free parking of the seafront, thus forming a large beach running between the port and the river Algar.

El Espigó Beach

La Roda Beach

The mayor of Altea explained that this work “is very complex” because, in addition to the maritime part, “we intend to remodel the existing promenade and gain all the space of the current parking lot to turn it into a great recreational area for people”

He also explained that in the middle of last week a delegation of the government team headed by him went to Madrid to hold a meeting with the deputy general director for the Protection of the Coast, Ángel Muñoz, “with the purpose of continuing with the process of tender for the construction of the new beach and the promenade of the coast of Altea ».

Restaurant complaints

The construction of the beach of L’Espigó, between the mouth of the river and the promenade car park, which ended in September 2016 within the first phase of the rehabilitation of the urban coastline of Altea, was an improvement and an attraction for the whole area where numerous restaurants are located, But, However, the future loss of the promenade car park that the government team wants to carry out within the second phase of rehabilitation of the coastal front has been the object of controversy and rejection by the majority of hoteliers who think they will lose their clientele.

The City Council has planned to build an underground parking on San Pedro Street, and the remodeling the area of ​​the Club Nautico de Altea where 500 vehicles can park around it. although the Town Hall plan an underground car park in between this site and the port, but both these new car parks are likely to incur a charge.

Original article written in Spanish by Diego Coello and can be read at www.diarioinformacion.com

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