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28th November - Benidorm Foietes market, Clothing, footwear and other non-essentials stalls will return to Benidorm's municipal market next Wednesday (2nd Dec)

News Headlines 21st November - Eight arrested for selling counterfeit goods in Benidorm

20th November

A fire broke out at around 11:30 am this morning, alarms went off in the heart of Benidorm, specifically in a fast food outlet located in the famous Plaza Triangular (Mc Donalds), a fire started inside the establishment and a large column of smoke could be seen from outside.

Emergency Services were activated, the Provincial Firefighters mobilized from the Benidorm Park, a Headquarters vehicle, Heavy Urban Fire engine and a Nurse vehicle with its full staffing. As is usual in these cases, units of the Local Police Motorized section, facilitated the journey to the heavy vehicles of the Firefighters.

News Headlines From Benidorm Area

Upon arrival, the firefighters were been able to verify the advanced state of the fire and the large emission of smoke and hot gases that were released from the interior of the establishment, the fire was located in the area of ​​the fryers, which in turn has spread throughout the extractor hood and conduction of fumes to the outside of the establishment.

Firefighters  had to remove part of the plasterboard ceiling in order to completely extinguish the flames. The hot gases and fumes emitted in the fire spread to the neighbouring premises.  No injuries have been reported.

18th November - Benidorm´s famous Square to be renovated - A million euros to reform the heart of Benidorm's *guiri area*

17th November - Four arrested for defrauding a million bank customers from Benidorm

10th November - Hotels and businesses to close in protest on Thursday

8th November

The Prosecutor's Office asks for 20 years in prison for each of the two accused of jointly raping a young woman whom they had just met in a pub in Benidorm.

The assault occurred on June 22nd, 2019 when the two defendants met two girls in one establishment and went together to another to have a drink.  According to the Prosecutor's Office, one of the young women went to the toilet, which the two accused took advantage of to grab the other by the arms and drag her by force to a dead end, where they both sexually assaulted her. After the events, they left the victim lying on the ground, face down and naked. The woman suffered bruises and other injuries that took 28 days to heal.

November Fiesta 2020 Updates

3rd November - Earthquakes felt in Benidorm

3rd November

The trial started yesterday of three British people who were allegedly involved in the distributing of drugs in the Benidorm area, and also sending them to the UK
The defendants were detained in a police operation for where it was determined that one of them was the leader of the criminal network, coordinated and financed all the activities, while the other members of the group were responsible for the storage, preparation and sale of the drug to third parties in Benidorm or for organizing the transfer of the substances to the United Kingdom.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, this international transfer was carried out by hiding the drugs in vehicles or through an ordinary postal service.  In January 2019, those responsible for the operation. The female member of the criminal gang was detained as she was attempting to send half a kilo of marijuana from the post office in Alfaz to Glasgow

During searches carried out in the homes of the accused the agents seized more than 250 grams of cocaine and utensils to prepare it for sale. The Public Prosecutor's Office asks the leader of the organization for a sentence of five years in prison for a crime of belonging to a criminal group and a crime against public health.  For the other two defendants, a sentence of four years and nine months in prison is requested for the same crimes.

29th October - Human Trafficking Trial, Mafia sent women to rob tourists in Benidorm

24th October - Italian fugitive arrested in Benidorm

23rd October - Festilandia dismantled

22nd October - Arrested for assaulting an 86 year old woman

21st October - Christmas will come early in Benidorm

17th October - Benidorm News, Arrested for distributing Fake notes 

16th October - Market demands the return of the clothing stalls

12th October - Bars in Benidorm ask for Licence changes

10th October - 4 International Fugitives arrested Locally

9th October - Marina Baxia Hospital Restarts surgical Activity

5th October - Promotion to relaunch Winter tourism in Benidorm

2nd October - Homeless and beaten to death in Benidorm, Two arrested

1st October - Belgium removes Valencian Community from Red List

23rd September - Vehicle access to be restricted to the Cross

News Headlines  23rd September

Health to invest invest 36 million in expanding Marina Baixa Hospital.  The built-in area will be 32.714 m2 for flexible, efficient and humanized care services, plus a parking area for 330 vehicles, on a 19.341 metre parcel.

The project has included new spaces for central sterilization, image diagnosis area, emergencies, both pediatric and gynaecological and general, a new Shorta Stay Unit, a major outpatient surgery unit and a new surgical block next to a resuscitation area Postanesthetic and Intensive Care Unit.

New facilities highlight space flexibility, energy efficiency and humanization criteria for patient care. In addition, it has a landscaped walk on deck that will link the expanded area and old hospitalizing areas.

16th September - Arrested for stealing LEMONS

15th September - Benidorm receives recognition as a Tourist Municipality

9th September -  Benidorm works to establish a safe air corridor with UK

26th August 

Gemelos 28 Updates - Benidorm City Council request that the Gemelos 28 towers are not demolished, due to high costs and environmental consequences.

23rd August, Local News Headlines

Benidorm protests against the new rules


4th May - 60 arrested in Valencia for defrauding 20 million euros in a Fake inheritance scam

28th April - Amazing Weather - Waterspout in Alicante 27th April 2020, photos and video

24th April - The worlds strangest pedestrian crossing

22nd April - Fake news or hoaxes on social media can be classed as a crime in Spain

Be careful what you write on Social Media in Spain

The fight to keep the restaurant open on the Island continues  Peacock Island Cafe bar owner fights closure

Kirsty Maxwell – Updates

New hotel planned for Benidorm New Town

Illegal Property Rentals – More Inspections in the future.

Benidorm approves the request to reforms of the law, so that the trile (Peamen) are considered a crime

Spanish up in arms about FAKE news in the UK tabloids

Missing Persons Post

Benidorm Bouncers

Police clamp down on the sale of Pornographic products

Britons die after taking Spanish painkiller Nolotil

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