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News Headlines From Benidorm Area contains details of local and national news stories relating to Benidorm and the surrounding area.  Click on the links to read the full stories

Benidorm News Headlines

17th September - The young woman who fell into the sea after climbing on the balustrade and losing her balance whilst taking a selfie at Benidorm Castle has sadly died

The 26-year-old suffered an accident as she fell from the gazebo on Tuesday, hitting herself on the rocks and falling into the sea, she was rescued and emergency services managed to regain signs of life.

She was transferred to Alicante General Hospital where she remained in a critical condition, but sadly after three days of treatment, due to the serious nature of her injuries has passed away.

15th September - A 26-year-old woman suffered a serious injuries while taking a selfie at the Benidorm Castle viewpoint (Castillo)

The event took place around 18.20 last night as the woman of Ukrainian nationality fell, hitting herself on the rocks and falling into the sea.

Four lifeguards launched themselves into the sea, and with great difficulty managed to get her into the life boat.

Her heart had stopped, but the lifeguards carried out CPR on their way to the port where an ambulance was waiting, they managed to recover her vital signs, before she was rushed to Alicante hospital for specialist treatment. As yet there are no further details on her condition.

13th September - The 'Hung Galaxy' exhibition by Taiwanese artist Hung-Yi's has been extended and will now remain in Benidorm until 18th October.

The 'Galaxy Hung' exhibition came to Benidorm on April 16th and was scheduled to be in town until July 12th, it was then extended to mid September but now there is another month to enjoy these wonderful sculptures.

Of the 14 sculptures, "four can be foundin the Plaza de la Hispanidad, two in Calle Gambo, six on Avenida del Mediterráneo and one in the Square of His Majesties the Kings of Spain, in front of the Town Hall" and one at Avenida de la Armada Espanola, Poniente Beach area.

28th Aug - Fire on Camping Villamar

Saturday night, around 02:25 a fire was reported at Camping Villamar, located on Albir Road. Provincial Firefighters and local police attended the scene which affected two caravans and several other plots, fire fighters had to act quickly in order to prevent the fire from spreading to the other nearby caravans.

26th Aug - Sunday 29th Aug sees the famous XIX Swim across the Bay of Benidorm.

This year 221 swimmers registered with another 11 on the waiting list. Swimmers have to swim a distance of 3,400 meters and have a maximum of two hours to cover the distance of two nautical miles.

The race starts at 08.15 from Cala Mal Pas where the finish line is also locate.

All entrants must be at Benidorm Yacht Club between 07.00 to 07.45 on Sunday morning for final registration.

Swimmers who cross the end-of-test control mat at Mal Pas Beach will receive refreshment kit and a mask, and trophies will be awarded on the esplanade of the Benidorm Yacht Club, diplomas can be downloaded on the website where the registration was made.

This event is organised by Sports of Benidorm City Council with the collaboration of the Benidorm Yacht Club.

In case of emergencies two inflatable boats with lifeguards and health equipment will be in attendance along with 10 other motor boats with volunteers and 18 kayaks with monitors, in addition to the boat of the Beach Police. Covid protocols have been fully covered for this event.

Good luck to all of tomorrows swimmers.

25th August  - A 43 year old man of Spanish Nationality has been arrested and sent to prison for 9 robberies/thefts from local restaurants.

He was charged with four burglaries and five less serious theft offences.

The first complaint was filed on July 18th by the owner of a well-known restaurant in Benidorm. The victim reported the theft of 1,500 euros from the restaurant's cash register.
This same theft system was later used in a short period of time in several other restaurants in Benidorm and the National Police received complaints for four robberies with force in commercial and restaurant premises located on the Levante beach.

According to the police he he obtained more than 6,300 euros during his thieving spree.

18th August - On Wednesday 18th a 28-year-old Taxi driver was assaulted in Benidorm at the Elche Park taxi stop.
The assault occurred when he refused to have 5 tourists in his taxi which only legally could carry 4 passengers.
The taxi driver is recovering from the injuries caused, which were in need of urgent hospital care.

18th August - Two children under the age of 2 injured in falls

2nd August - Fire in the Sierra Gelada between Debugger and Central Gutierrez Mellado.  Firefighters from Benidorm Park and Forest Firefighters with sea planes are working.

Photo from 11.08 (aprox)

21st July  - Earlier today Benidorm life guard service rescued a 68-year-old Spanish male who was floating unconscious in the sea (Poniente Beach, in front of the Villa del Mar Hotel, the lifeguards rescued the man by boat and performed cpr. Minutes later SAMU arrived on the scene. The man regained consciousness and and was moved to hosptial for medical attention.


10th July - British man found guilty of Attempted murder in Benidorm

28th June - Very sad news a man has died today on Poniente beach in Benidorm, this has been reported by the Center for Information and Coordination of Emergencies (CICU).

The events occurred around 10.40 a.m. when the CICU were alerted that an unconscious man had been pulled out of the water on the Poniente beach in Benidorm, lifeguard services performed basic CPR. Once the medical team arrived, the SAMU medical team continued with advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other techniques but there was no response. The autopsy will reveal the causes of the drowning, whose age is unknown. No names have been released at this point.

Please stay safe on the beaches and follow the warning flag system in place x  https://www.benidormseriously.com/beach-safety-and-spanish-warning-flags

Benidorm News Headlines 


23rd June  InTempo tower. The largest skyscraper in the tourist city and one of the tallest residential buildings in Europe has hung the flag of Spain at more than 200 meters high to celebrate the end of construction, work that has been delayed for more than 14 years.

All that is left to do is some cleaning and finishing of small details in some of the 256 homes distributed over 45 floors and it will be practically finished.

Benidorm City Council should grant the occupation license throughout the month of July, so that the first apartments can begin to be delivered from August. 40% of the properties have already been sold and are priced from 250,000 euros to more than one million.

Find out about Benidorm´s other tallest buildings HERE -  https://www.benidormseriously.com/benidorms-tallest-buildings

Benidorm News Headlines 

20th June - Paedophile Arrested in Benidorm

14th June - More earthquakes in the area

14th June - Benidorm Local News - British Man found guilty of a Stabbing in Albir

10th June - Benidorm Islands Illegal Bar - Updates

7th June - National police have detained a man in Benidorm for making a false claim of robbery, he claimed his shoulder bag was snatched with violence.

He claimed he was robbed of 425€, plus other effects worth a totalling 1120€. Two innocent people were arrested, but after further investigation police found out he lost lost his bag due to his own carelessness.

The police have stated that false claims such as the above can result in a jail sentence.

6th June - Yesterday Benidorm Firefighters had a very special mission, to rescue eight ducklings that were born near Terra Mitica and had fallen into a drain. They will stay with Benidorm Local Police until an animal park can be found to take care of them.

5th June - The body of a middle aged man has been found in one of the abandoned nightclubs in Benidorm

National Police have taken charge of the investigation after the body was found around mid-day on Thursday 3rd June.

Police confirm that the man suffered various multiple injuries, the body is awaiting an autopsy to provide further details. More news to follow when available.

5th June - COVID Testing News

Pharmacies in Alicante will sell the first rapid tests without a prescription to diagnose the coronavirus
The test will cost 12 euros and give result in just 15 minutes - Health justifies its release in that it will help the health care system.

Health will give the green light in the next few days. The first shipments of these tests have already arrived in the province of Alicante and now pharmacies are waiting for the imminent approval to be able to market these tests without the need for a prescription. More news to follow.


The initiative, "Benidorm Más Cerca" includes five car parks, and will apply to anyone spending more than 20€ in local establishments

The car park involved are - l'Aigüera, Tomás Ortuño, Mercado and Ametlla del Mar and Ruzafa; all located in the main areas of the urban centre and the Rincón de Loix, providing 1,500 spaces.

How do you get that free hour of parking? Present at the entrance the ticket that confirms the consumption of more than 20 euros in shops, bars, cafes, restaurants or entertainment venues in Benidorm.

15 directional signs will be installed that will mark the route from the main entrances to Benidorm to the car parks, screens will also be installed at the three main entrances to the city

25th May Road works continue in the Rincon de Loix  

The work of 'Renewal of drinking water and sanitation infrastructures on the Avenida de Roma will begin next Monday, May 31st,as advanced by the councilor of the area, José Ramón González de Zárate, meetings were held with the local businesses, hotels and tourist apartments who were asked if they preferred the work to start now or later". it was agreed that the works should begin immediately.

Benidorm local news

This work will update the drinking water network, and include the construction of a new wastewater collector and a storm water collector, which will allow the capture of rain water which will help to avoid flooding in the streets.

The work will include the junction with Ametlla del Mar to the intersection with Monte Carlo". "the most complex areas of work will be : Stockholm, Stockholm with London and Monte Carlo". The work has an execution period of between 4 and 5 months.

The work is financed from the 2020-2027 Renewal Fund of the water contract and has been awarded to the UTE constituted by Codelsur Proyectos SL and Categor Obras y Proyectos SL, amounting to 697,115.18 euros.

Public lighting will be replaced and pavements increased to a width of 2.25 meters, a green area will also be added that will run parallel to the south sidewalk of the avenue.


22nd May  - Selomar Hotel Updates


17th May - Do Not Feed the Pigeons, Benidorm´s latest campaign

14th May Benidorm political party "Ciudadanos" will be making formal proposals at the next town hall meeting asking that the current 10km speed limit on the Avenida Mediterraneo be lifted to 20km/hr.  They will also propose that on Avenida de la Armada Española (Poniente), where there is no single carriageway platform, a limit of 20 Km / h be endorsed.

Ciudadanos will also request "to extend from 30 to 50 km / h the speed limit on Avd Europa and Juan Pablo II, which are 2 or three lanes in each direction, as allowed by law." "We understand that the safety of pedestrians must prevail, but we are convinced that the DGT also watches over them with these regulations that we think are very adequate and sufficient,"

They claim that the low limits are making Benidorm "hostile" to visitors , and business alike, making people choose to go elsewhere.

Benidorm local news

14th May - The director General of the National police announced yesterday that at long last construction of the much needed National police station in Benidorm will begin shortly.  The long awaited police station will be built close to the present courthouse, in the area where the AP/ tolls used to be and will cost in the region of 3 million euros.

12th May - Benidorm shops will be open on Sundays and public holidays from June 15th to January 5th

Benidorm has now been declared a long-term Area of Great Tourist Influx, meaning that local businesses will be able to open on Sundays and public holidays from 15 June to 5th January, this rule apples to businesses of more than 300 square meters.

There are a few exceptions, such as October 9th, December 25th (or December 26th when declared a holiday for Christmas transfer), and January 1st, also  Sundays and public holidays for the period between Palm Sunday and the second Easter Sunday (except May 1). The resolution approved by the Ministry is valid for four years

23rd April - Benidorm´s new controversial speed radars reveal that six out of ten cars are speeding around Benidorm. Hardly surprising when the speed limit in some areas is only 10kmph that is about 6mph.

The worst area is the Av. de la Armada Española the semi pedestrian road along Poniente Beach.


21st April - This year the city council of Benidorm will replace the lighting along the Levante Beach promenade.  The existing lights have been in place for 30 years and will be replaced with more energy efficient lights.

Total cost is 4.5 million euros, of which 2,050,000 euros will be paid during this current financial year.

Levante beach, Benidorm

Other infrastructures are also planned to receive some of the funds from last year's savings, including the youth hostel and interpretation centre of the Parque de la Séquia Mare; the creation of the El Moralet Green Circuit; or the rehabilitation and generation of new spaces around the Plaza de Toros to house the central library, an association hotel and a large young center. All these projects have an implementation period of several years and are included in the Sustainable and Integrative Urban Development Strategy (EDUSI).

24th March - Benidorm is to add more cycle lanes, currently Benidorm has 91.1 kilometers of bike lanes, second only to our regional capital Valencia.  Benidorm plans to reach 134 kilometres of cycling tracks by the end of the year

Benidorm News Headlines

Among the projects that will allow this increase is the development of the El Moralet Green Circuit, which "will soon go on a tender and which includes the generation of 12.3 kilometers of bike path, which have been drawn by the Mountain Section (BTT) of the Benidorm Cycling Union". This section also includes the development of the Partial Plan 2.1 Westeros, which is in the process of urbanization and which will involve the opening of new roads; as well as the new access to the Salto del Agua and the re-inbanization of Colombia Avenue, both in execution. In addition, it is planned to implement cycling tracks in projects such as the renovation of Mallorca Street, El Murtal Avenue or the future Vial Discotecas.

The bulk of remaining kilometers arises from "the conversion in 'cycle streets' of various roads and avenues mainly in the Centro area, La Cala and the Rincón de Loix". De Zárate noted that "this conversion is possible thanks to the strategy of setting speed limits through the whole city that favor and allow the coexistence of the bicycle with the rest of vehicles".

18th March  EU announce proposed Green Certificate for EU bloc travel

18th March - 14 arrested for house burglaries


25th February -Three arrested for robbing two supermarkets in Benidorm with manhole covers

22nd February - Another sad loss for locals and tourists alike as Benidorm´s Mini Golf is to become a new residential area

18th February - Green light  for new camping area at Terra Mitica

2nd February - Updates Benidorm´s famous Square to be renovated - A million euros to reform the heart of Benidorm's *guiri area*

28th January - Benidorm´s new shopping Centre - Updates

27th January -  Holidays in Benidorm, Request for tourists with Prior reservations to holiday in Benidorm 

Benidorm News Headlines

19th January - Plans for Benidorm´s Bullring announced - Benidorm to turn the bullring into a library and civic center. This area stopped hosting events due to structural problems two years ago

The City Council is putting out to ender the drafting of the project, included in the EDUSI, (European development funds for sustainable growth) which will be ready in three years.  

Services planned are: a central library with multiple spaces, including study rooms and an auditorium; youth and youth information center with a large exhibition hall, hotel room for associations, multipurpose, rehearsal and training, and kitchen room; and a multicultural and multifunctional center with offices and warehouses for associations. It also includes the creation of a stage in the stands of the bullring and the installation of a fixed stage and sound and lighting equipment. The project has a global budget of 8,695,691 euros and will be ready throughout 2023

Red more HERE. Further updates will follow.

Benidorm News Headlines 


60 arrested in Valencia for defrauding 20 million euros in a Fake inheritance scam

The worlds strangest pedestrian crossing

Fake news or hoaxes on social media can be classed as a crime in Spain

Be careful what you write on Social Media in Spain

Kirsty Maxwell – Updates

New hotel planned for Benidorm New Town

Illegal Property Rentals – More Inspections in the future.

Benidorm approves the request to reforms of the law, so that the trile (Peamen) are considered a crime

Spanish up in arms about FAKE news in the UK tabloids

Missing Persons Post

Benidorm Bouncers

Police clamp down on the sale of Pornographic products

Britons die after taking Spanish painkiller Nolotil

Don’t Fall For the FB Message Scam Now Doing the Rounds

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