Nispero Wine

Nispero Wine - wine needs to age at least one year. Therefore, it would be best to plan in advance.

9 pounds whole fresh nisperos with pits in place.
7 pounds if pits are removed.
(Fresh, ripe picked is best. Wash before using.)
2 gallons boiling water
Juice of 1 lemon
(Used as an anti-oxidant)
5 pounds sugar
1 teaspoon yeast nutrient, if available
1 package wine yeast, if available
1/2 teaspoon pectic enzyme, if available
1 campden tablet, if available

In a large container such as a 5 or 6 gal heavy duty plastic bucket or an earthenware crock, mash the nisperos. Cover with boiling water, add lemon juice, and quickly stir for about two minutes. Cover with a clean linen cloth. Let rest in a cool, dark place, stirring daily for one week. You can also blend in 1 package wine yeast and 1 teaspoon yeast nutrient, if available.

After one week, strain the mixture through a double-layer of cheesecloth into a large, clean bowl, discarding nispero pulp and pits if any. Combine nispero liquid with the sugar, stirring to dissolve sugar. You can also add pectic enzyme and crushed campden tablet, if available. Pour into cleaned container such a plastic bucket or crock and let stand another week, stirring daily.

After the second week, pour the nispero liquid into 1-gallon glass wine bottles or similar container and cork loosely. Use fermentation locks instead of corks, if you have them. Let rest in a cool, dark place for 3 months. When wine is clear and no longer fermenting (bubbling), pour into individual bottles, cork, and age at least 1 year before drinking this delicious nispero wine.

Will yield approximately 2-1/2 gallons or 40 servings.

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