No sunbeds on Benidorms Beaches until March

Benidorms Beaches - The lack of tourists due to the mobility restrictions arising from the covid-19 pandemic will leave a new unusual sight on the beaches of Benidorm. The tourist capital of the Costa Blanca, which under normal conditions keeps its beaches fully active during 365 days of the year, will run out of hammock service until next March, maintaining only cleanliness and lifeguard services so as not to leave beaches completely unattended.

The City Council has authorized the concessionaire company of the integral management of the beaches, the merchant RA Benidorm, managed by the entrepreneur Ramón Román, to temporarily cease the rental service of sun loungers and parasols, meeting the request made by the merchants themselves last October. In it, the firm claimed that the worsening situation of tourist markets caused by the health crisis had led to a "zero influx of users" in the service of renting furniture on the beaches, so he requested to stop providing the service until 28 February 2021 and to invoice only the services that were actually provided for cleaning and help guarding, but to adapt them in any case "to the current reality of use of the beaches".

Benidorms Beaches

No sunbeds on Benidorms beaches until March

The company has already reduced the number of hammocks months ago, which will now be completely withdrawn. Photo by DAVID REVENGA

The proposal is also supported by numerous technical reports. The edil de Playas, Mónica Gómez, alluded to a report signed by the technician of Contracting and Heritage on November 13, in which the official recognizes the existence of an economic imbalance in the concession, due to the fall of income obtained from the exploitation of hammocks, with which the company would have to bear the expenses caused by the services cleaning, lifeguard and accessible beaches. The technician abounds in this idea and then recalls that the Law on Public Sector Contracts provides that administrations 'should restore the economic balance of the contract' when there are two assumptions which, in his view, are 'obvious' in this case: actions by the Administration which directly determine the substantial breakdown of the contract economy - that is, the restrictions and confinement measures decreed to curb contagions; and causes of force majeure that directly determined the substantial breakdown of the contract economy - such as the pandemic itself.

Review in February

Among the agreements adopted to try to restore the economic balance of the concession, in addition to allowing the company to stop placing hammocks and parasols daily on the beaches until March, the City Council has decided not to settle the fee for the operation of hammocks and parasols between 15 October 2020 and 28 February 2021.

Likewise, the City Council has agreed that the concessionaire must provide the minimum services determined by the municipal technicians, quantified by the commercial for a maximum amount of EUR 226,107.75 plus VAT, an amount that would correspond to 'the actual costs of beach cleaning and lifeguarding', for the same period: between 15 October and 28 February.

The agreement between the City Council and the concessionaire also shows that in February a new proposal on the services to be provided on the beaches taking into account the evolution of the pandemic.

Please note this article has been translated from Spanish to English so some detail may be lost in translation.  Read the original article HERE


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