No Tourist Tax for Benidorm

What happens in Benidorm happens here

No Tourist Tax for Benidorm

No Tourist Tax for Benidorm

Good news for Benidorm tourists –

Many resorts in Spain are considering introducing a tourist tax to raise additional money. This initiative comes from the government as it is a good way of bringing more money to the country. However, there is a destination that will be saved from this rate:  Benidorm. where there will not be a additional tax charge to tourists, although, other destinations are considering doing so.

Several experts have advised the Government of Spain that from an economic point of view, making visitors pay between 2 and 5 euros a day, could be very beneficial. However, the executive has decided to leave the decision in the hands of each individual resort. Therefore, each area will be free to choose whether or not to charge that extra tax to each tourist .

The Mayor of Benidorm, Antonio Pérez, has said ‘that they will NOT be a destination that says Yes to that measure’.  The resort does need extra funding, but not at the expense of imposing it to tourists. That is not the way. In spite of this, tourists will be able to keep part of the proceeds through the goods and services of the VAT – the identification number of the companies that will interact with other EU companies – and spend that money on improvements.

Currently only holidaymakers to Catalonia and the Balearic Islands pay the tax, from May 1st 2018 tourist tax was doubled for British tourists visiting Majorca and Ibiza, this was to be reduced by 50€ from 31st October  (low season).

For example – Tourists staying at five-star and four-star superior hotel or apartment were charged €4 a day; four-star and three-star superior €3 euros a day and three, two and one-star accommodation €2 per day.

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In Catalonia this tax was introduced in 2012 and this was applied to to any facility where tourists stay overnight, including campsites, hostels, hotels and cruise ships, this has brought  in around 50 million euros per year, 50% of which has stayed in the municipality.

The ‘sustainable tourism tax’ is thought to brought in approximately €120 million in 2018.

The whole debate about Spanish resorts introducing Tourist taxes is expected to hot up as we approach the busy 2019 season.

Source www.eliberico.com


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