Parking in Benidorm, new areas soon to become available... For a price

If you live here or visit by car, parking can be a nightmare, especially during certain months, August being one of them.

This year, new Residents only parking areas were added in certain areas of the town, this in its own right has caused various problems, ie a lack of general parking and non residents using these spaces.

Today a new plan has been announced - Benidorm will allow paid parking to visitors in the free areas reserved for residents

The new green areas will replace the white ones and will remain free for the residents, but will allow tourists to park at a higher price than the blue ones.

A green area where residents do not pay and those who are not registered have to pay for parking, even at a higher price than in the blue zone. This is the main measure that includes the modification of the Mobility ordinance that the PP government is holding and expects to approve in the next two months. This change in the regulations will make more than 3,000 places available that are now only for residents in different neighborhoods.

The Changes -  To begin with in the green-painted area, residents those who are registered will park for free but tourists or other visitors will have to pay even more than in the blue zone and every day of the week, the price could be 1.50 euros per hour where as currently in the blue zone the fee is 1 euros for two hours of parking. It has also been suggested to increase the payment time of the existing blue zones and even be uninterrupted (no fee hours during the weekend, siesta or fiesta days), something that already occurs in other tourist cities of the province.

These will not be the only changes - The modification proposed by the local government also reflects the start to pay for loading and unloading. The initial proposal states that companies that are from Benidorm will be able to use it for free for 30 minutes, a time that the Councilor for Mobility, José Ramón González de Zárate, indicated that it is "reasonable." The rest will have to pay in these reserved areas that could become a blue zone after hours.

All these new measures will mean the hiring of more traffic controllers for the new green areas to supervise who needs to pay and who doesn't.

At the moment Blue areas are paid, check the meters for times and fees, or use an app

Solid White Lines, Residents Only

Dotted white Lines, Free Parking

Yellow Chevrons, check the boards for times allowed.

To obtain a residents only parking permit you need to go to the town hall (level 3) taking with your a recent Padron and details of your car, proving all bills ie suma have been paid.

Original article written in Spanish, some  by  A. VICENTE which can be read here at www.diarioinformation  some information my be slightly lost in translation.

A new FREE car park is also planned, with capacity for 800 vehicles  The car park will be located at the entrance of the Sal de l'Aigua school complex and will have 17,500 square meters. Updates to follow when available.

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