PCR tests in Benidorm

PCR, Antigen and Antibody tests in Benidorm - Where to go for testing

PCR tests in Benidorm - There are two main testing centres here in Benidorm IMED Levante and Clinica Benidorm.  Below we will detail what both offer and the procedure for booking.

This information provide here is for people wishing to take a private test.  

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough or shortness of breath), call 112, otherwise you can contact you nearest centro de salud (health centre) by phone or call the enabled phone for your autonomous community which is 900 300 555 for the Valencian communidad.

Coronavirus testing before travel to England

From 4am on 18 January 2021, if you do not present proof of a negative coronavirus (COVID-19) test result, you may not be able to board to travel to England, and could be fined £500 on arrival into England.

If you are arriving in England before 4am on 18 January 2021, you are under no legal obligation to get a coronavirus test before you travel. You should not be denied boarding for failing to provide proof of a negative test result, and will not be fined on arrival into England. 

Test providers and type of test

You will need to find a test provider. You must make sure that the test provider can meet the standards for pre-departure testing.

The test must: meet performance standards of ≥97% specificity, ≥80% sensitivity at viral loads above 100,000 copies/ml.  This could include tests such as:

Nucleic acid test, including a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test or derivative technologies, including loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) tests

Antigen test, such as a test from a lateral flow device.

It is your responsibility to ensure the test meets the minimum standards for sensitivity, specificity and viral load details so you must check with your test provider that it meets those standards.

You may not be able to travel if the test does not meet these standards. It is your responsibility to ensure you get the right test that meets the above requirements.

 If you need consular assistance should contact the nearest consulate, embassy or high commission.

If you take your test in the UK, ahead of a return journey of less than 3 days, you must use a private test provider. You cannot use an NHS Test and Trace test.

Information that the test result must include

Your test result must be in either English, French or Spanish. 

Translations will not be accepted, and you must provide the original test result certificate. It must include the following information: Your name, which should match the name on your travel documents.  Your date of birth or age.  The result of the test.  The date the test sample was collected or received by the test provider.  The name of the test provider and their contact details.  The name of the test device

If the test result does not include this information you may not be able to board, and may not be able to travel to England. If you arrive without a test result that includes this information, you will be committing a criminal offence and could receive a £500 fine.

Your test result can be provided as a physical, printed document, or via email or text message, which you can show on your phone. 

Positive test results

If your test result is positive, you must not travel. 

If the result is inconclusive, you must take another test.


Combined PCR and Antigen Test

The PCR test detects the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) at any time during the disease. Results in within 24 hours via email, under some circumstances results may take longer.

The antigen test can detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus proteins (COVID-19) in the early stages of the disease. Results in 15 minutes

What is the combined test? Sample extraction for both tests is performed by a nasopharyngeal performed by a qualified health personnel. A swab is inserted through the mouth and the nostrils, a process that is somewhat annoying but does not last more than 30 seconds.

The antigen test sample is immediately analysed on a device that takes 15 minutes to return the result. If you are within 5 days of infection and have compatible symptoms, the antigen test is a very reliable test. On the other hand, the PCR test sample to confirm the result is analysed in the IMED Hospitals clinical laboratory. After about 24 hours you will receive an email with the result of this test.

Obtaining both samples during the same appointment.

Get two separate reports.

SMS and email results.

Opening Times - Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 20.00 the building is next to the hospital in the former FREMAP premises.   If you need assistance outside these hours go to the emergencies department. 

You do not need a prescription for the test, but we recommend booking an appointment through this website to avoid waiting.

You can also make appointments on line HERE or call 963 00 30 00

Cost - 120€

Fast PCR Test

The rapid PCR test detects the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) early at any stage of the disease.

Fast PCR is the latest innovation in coronavirus detection. IMED makes this technology available to its patients.

Test available in Valencia, Benidorm, Elche and Murcia.

Immediate peace of mind with RESULTS by SMS and email in 1 hour.

You do not need a prescription for the test, but do need to make an appointment online

Cost 150€

PCR tests in Benidorm

Who should get these tests?

If you have symptoms - The Ministry of Health advises a PCR test if an acute respiratory infection occurs with any or all of these symptoms:



Feeling short of air

Pain when swallowing

Loss of smell

Loss of taste

Muscle aches


If you have been at risk of infection - When no symptoms occur but you have been in contact with someone with a positive case in SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, or have been in a place that may raise doubts that you have been at risk of infection. It is advisable to have a PCR after at least two days from contact with this risk situation, as it is possible that during the first two days the viral load is not high enough to detect it.

If you are travelling to another country - Some countries require some kind of test such as the PCR well in advance of the date of travel.

If you are visiting a person in a High Risk group - Before visiting people with high risk profiles or age over 60, a PCR test is recommended. 

If attending a family reunion or social gathering - Before attending a family or social meeting in closed environments with a significant number of people, it is recommended that each attendee take the necessary precautions and even perform a PCR test in advance of the event.

PCR tests in Benidorm


Clinica Benidorm offers 3 different types of tests.

ELISA antibody test - To be taken if you don't have symptoms and need to know if the disease has already passed. COST 60€

ELISA ANTIBODY TEST: It is done with a blood draw. The results can be known within 24 hours.

PCR - To be taken - In cases where the ELISA Rapid TEST comes out positive on its two markers or on the IGM marker (recent infection). In cases with patients with SYMPTOMS compatible with COVID-19. If it has been close contact of someone infected by COVID-19 confirmed. To prove that you no longer have the infection. Once the PCR test is negative, it is understood that the infection is no longer active and no longer spreads. COST 120€

PCR: A sample consisting of a nasopharynx exudate or other respiratory sample is obtained. The results can be known within 24 hours.

NOTE - The results of the two types of tests above can be known in 24 hours, except if the tests are performed on a Friday, in which case they will be given the following Monday morning.

Quick Antigen test -  For its reliability and quick results is very useful for the following cases: Rule out infection in close contacts. Study of contacts in groups. Rapid diagnosis in cases of emergency. COST 30 - 40€

Quick Antigen Test: It is done by nasopharyngeal smears. The results are delivered in 15 minutes by hand.

How to book - Open  Monday to Friday 08.00 to 19.00hs , Saturday and Sunday 08.00 - 14.00 call 96 585 38 50 Appointments necessary.  If your call is not answered, they will return it to you on the same day. Or, make an appointment through this form and you will get a call you as soon as possible.

If the test is positive the clinics have an obligation to inform health authorities, and you will need to contact your health center to report your situation and follow the protocols established by health authorities.  Follow the clinics guidelines with regards to isolation etc.

Euro Clinica Rincon

Avenida Dr. Sévero Ochoa 6, 03503 Benidorm

Antigen testing available at around 19€ call or email for an appointment - (+34) 966 830 849 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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